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31 October 2010


Clip 3,
·           Nora calls in with some very important information and even surprises us with some news about costs.
·        What is a disaster? Albert Torcaso tells us and reminds us of real disasters.

·          WOW! They spent how much of our money? Wow! I can’t believe that!

·            Glen calls in and cheers us on for bringing the truth to the people, he reminds us to vote Nov-2-2010. Thanks Glen.

·        Kathy Payer met a gentleman in a store a few months ago and today I speak about him for a minute.

·        Albert Torcaso spills the beans on a local hospital and their actions.

Each member of Congress makes 174,000 dollars a year and has pays 503 dollars a year for health care while denying us access to the care we need.

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