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12 January 2011


Clip 4,

·        Diane calls in and asks what JFK would think about how our government and nation is run today. Albert tells her his thought on that and more.

·        Banks received 12 trillion dollars yet, we want to stop helping people live?

·        How to save America & Americans. Hurry call 1-202-224-3121

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The time to act for justice, fairness, and what is right is now, and we must not ever retreat in these duties.
Albert Torcaso

The fight is on (legally) for a return to an America where all people have a chance at the American dream.
I'm on the front line of that fight.
This fight will be won without violence rather it will be won with voice, actions, and courage. I'm ready because humanity really does matter.

Albert Torcaso
My fellow Americans, call Congress now and tell all members of Congress do not repeal the health care reform law.

1-202-225-3121 save American lives, call now.


As of September -23-2010 No child can be denied coverage.

Young adults 18-26 can remain on their parents’ insurance policy.

Seniors receive preventive health care such as mammograms are free
While keeping medicare strong until at least 2029! And so much more!

Nearly 45,000 Americans die each year from lack of health care access.
Nearly 900,000 every twenty years. Let us change this.

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