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23 September 2011

Clip 1 HM Sara Sachs Psychic Medium A Fun, Powerful Episode Begins.

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Clip 1, We open this episode by introducing Sara Sachs, Jan Martinez, and Michele Saling. 

Sara Sachs tells us about all of her Psychic and Medium gifts and skills. 

A caller calls and a powerful reading by Sara Sachs starts in This clip. 

Note: Facebook won't let me upload clip 2 since it is 22 minutes. It is 2 minutes over their time allotment. 

View that clip by going to my YouTube page or search for it here on my profile page. 
I would prefer that you visit my YouTube page as it could help me in my quest to have more people become aware of our show, Humanity Matters, as well as learn about me. 

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Copyright 2011 Albert Torcaso All Rights Reserved.

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