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13 January 2012

Please visit, view, and subscribe to my Youtube Channel and change a life. By Albert Torca

I am trying to reach a million video views and over 10.000 YouTube subscribers. Please help by visiting my channel and watching my past and future videos. I am asking you to do this as I am trying to be accepted into the YouTube Partnership Program that could help me earn some income. The problem is that you need at least 10,000 subscribers and a million video views. My YouTube Page Link.

Why am I asking you for help? Because due to lack of funding I have had no vehicle for three weeks which caused me to not be able to shoot my latest episode of Humanity Matters and has put me in danger of not being able to continue the series as I am unable to get to the studio and film it. It has also kept me from shooting episodes in my own home due to the fact that the hardware and software that I need is over 600.00 to 3,600 dollars which includes a new or used camera that has better professional or high end consumer quality, a blue or green screen, with tripods, lighting, Reflectors, Dampers, software such as Final Cut Pro, Lessons on how to use Final Cut Pro, Lighting lessons, and Chroma Key Lessons.

With your help I can receive 10,000 subscribers and a million or more views then I will be able to do much more with Humanity Matters Link and other projects.

Why help? Because you care about me, the cast, the show, you like that we bring out the truth about issues or you like us on a personal level.

What is in it for you? Well, if you have access to the items I listed above I can form a joint venture with you and you can appear on my episodes as a guest at first then as a fill in co - host when we have an opening for said episode.

What else? I will be producing new content that is unrelated to Humanity matters and will run the gamut from comedy to drama and maybe a mild horror film such as the classic B movies style. I will also produce radio shows. You can be part of this by being an assistant director, producer, Set design, Gaffer, Best boy, actor, or any other job that is needed on the set and that you can fill.

Still what else? You will work with me and as I gain an income through my shows or videos we will work to get on mainstream television and or in movie theaters at which time we would be receiving an income. You will have a written contract with me, Albert Torcaso, and will benefit as I do.

Help me because you will be helping me work to get out of poverty, inform the masses, entertain the masses and have a better life for myself, my family and hopefully a better life for you as well.

All of these solutions start with you and the click of a few buttons. All that you need do is watch my videos and subscribe then tell every single person you know about me, my videos and my site and the life changes will come.

Also please review any and all advertisements that you see on my blog and on my business site still being worked on, but is better than it has been in ten years.

If you see ads on my YouTube videos or in them as well as other videos of mine on other sites such as consider clicking on them as well, but note: The ads on my blogs or Torcaso Media were placed by me as I feel they are bargains that would be helpful to you as a customer and some of the products I have used myself. However, YouTube videos, or ads in and or on video sites are placed by the site and or advertisers. You should consider clicking on them as well, but remember, I did not choose them on a personal basis whereas those on my site I have directly placed them based on the possibility of them being helpful to you in your life.

Example: I own two domain names at present that I registered through Go Daddy Dot Com and I pay them to host my Torcaso Media site.

There is a book on my site that may help to cure cancer and if there is a chance at defeating cancer I will take it and help people who have it to fight it. 
Note: in 2002 May my mother died from cancer as have many friends. I want to defeat this terrible disease.

Other ads on my site are there to help you possibly save money. By law, one can't say that you will save money, but I will say that you should review the ads site and decide if it is right for you.

There you have a month full of reading as to what you can do to help me and maybe help yourself. Know this, if you help me I won't ever forget it and will be most grateful.

Albert Torcaso
Humanity Matters
YouTube Channel Link

The time to act for justice, fairness, and what is right is now, and we must not ever retreat in these duties. 
Albert Torcaso 

Sometimes standing up for one makes you a leader of many. 
Albert Torcaso 

Copyright 2004 - 2012 Albert Torcaso All Rights Reserved.

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