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18 February 2012

THANK YOU For Visiting Humanity Matters.

To my friends, fans, and audience from across the city and across the world. I now have had visitors from 76 countries and to me this is both exciting and an opportunity to show to all peoples that humanity does indeed matter. To all of you who have visited I thank you and I want to let you know what to expect from me here and on my other blogs and web sites.

Fresh content at least three times a month or more which may or may not be related to my television show, Humanity Matters. My new content which is my Cloning Albert series or my silly skits that I and Annette Mendel create and perform.

There will also continue to be affiliate advertisements placed on my sites and or blogs and this is for these reasons. First, to produce the show, Humanity Matters, costs me over 1,500 dollars a year as I have to pay to produce the episodes each time I create one, clothing, fuel, food, membership dues, and vehicle maintenance. 

I survive on only 8,376 a year. As a result, I have had many extreme hardships and I am trying to earn a few extra cents a year by being an affiliate with my web sites. I also want the advertisements to be products and or services that are things that you use as well as providing you some great discounts in the process.
What I have not done even though I am sure I could make some good and needed money if I were to do it. I have not started selling any info products yet or anything on EBay that may be an e-book. Why I have not done so as of yet. is because I will not sell or promote any product  that I believe to be junk, a scam or not of equal or greater value to the person or company who buys it. I will only promote or sell an item that will help you in some aspect of your life or be a product that you use and it gives you a great discount.

I will be adding reviews of products and one of which will be the services of Go Daddy Dot Com. I use and have used Go Daddy Dot Com for over ten years and soon you will find out why. Go to click on my banner there and get a great deal on dot com items as well as great hosting and other products.

Finally, I want to know what you like or don't like about my content what is the value that brings you back to my site? How can I improve it? Would you like to become a guest Blogger or submit ideas for me to cover on my television or podcast shows? Contact me by my FaceBook page, message me there. Link
I want to improve on my sites as well as earn a few dollars and I am looking to you to help me achieve my mission.

Fans around the globe do check out my cloning series as it provides a very hopeful vision of the future. One that is about love, not hate. No hating people from around the globe or the universe. 

This series will have you entertained and it will also have you wishing that it were true right now it also makes one think.  View it here.
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The time to act for justice, fairness, and what is right is now, and we must not ever retreat in these duties. 
Albert Torcaso 

Sometimes standing up for one makes you a leader of many. 
Albert Torcaso  

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