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30 May 2012

A question of survival.

I am not able to have to any longer have Humanity Matters Dot Org be without these advertisements and here is why.

  1. I provide you with 100% free content and much of it is groundbreaking as well as bold.
  2. Production of all of my videos are out of pocket expenses which are never reimbursed.
  3. I am 550% below the poverty line and face losing my heat on June-5-2012.
  4. There are many great deals and bargains here and if one is really one who wants to help better humanity one such way is be offering ways for their viewers to lower their costs for products they need as well as want. 
  5. It comes down to survival I no longer can be without some extra income as I have only six dollars in my bank account as of this moment and will have that or less until June 2012.
Why am I once again being so upfront and what most would call unprofessional? Because I have always been honest with you and that is one reason people watch my shows as they know that I am that one in a million talk show host who speaks to them as a family and not just a host. I am the real reality in reality television and podcasting / broadcasting. 

Look, you know that I care about you and that I cover issues and topics unlike any other person, but when one has no income they tend to quit, give up or some do worse. I am not that man and I have heard that Social Media and or FaceBook friends have started movements and saved friends' lives. 
Well, I need help, but even in this I am different as I want you to gain while you help me to survive and as such you will find more advertisements, an astore (Amazon) and more, now, my plan is to eventually take down many of the ads and move them to another page while providing you with a link or links to such pages, but I will also be posting at least one link in most if not every blog post that I make which includes videos, podcast, articles, or any other matter of content that is produced for you. 

It comes down to my very survival and it affects not only myself, but all of my family members. 

Now, you can choose to stop viewing my site if you do I still hope that you have a great life as you and humanity really does matter. However, if you leave you will be leaving a source of information, entertainment and honesty that you are very unlikely to find almost anywhere on or offline. True, I may not be an expert in most of what I speak about, that is only for now as I am involved in learning brand new things, skills and more. 

I urge you to stay here review each ad throughout the next year and see how much impact you can have not only on yourself, your family, your friends, but also on me and my family as well just by clicking on a few ads and buying items that you want and that you need. As I learn more about what is out there I will be looking for products that you can get for free. Yes, free, therefore, stick around and our lives will change for the better.

The time to act for justice, fairness, and what is right is now, and we must not ever retreat in these duties. 
Albert Torcaso 

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Sometimes standing up for one makes you a leader of many. 
Albert Torcaso 

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