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28 June 2012

C1 Free And Easy Way To Quit Smoking And No Weight Gain!

C1 Free And Easy Way To Quit Smoking And Save Money!

Before you read anymore or even view this video I'll give you one great reason to quit?  MONEY!  Cigarettes cost at least four dollars a pack and that's super cheap right? If you smoke just five packs a week that's 20 dollars  times  52 that's 1,040 dollars a year. Now, say you smoke 7 packs a week at only four dollars we're talking 1,456 a year! So, let's say your pack cost 5.00 a pack guess what at 7 packs = 35 per week = an astounding 1,820 a year and that does not factor in taxes or if your smoking costs are more than five dollars a pack. Let's say they cost 6 dollars a pack without any taxes included. Here is what you pay per year if you smoke seven packs per week. You spend  2,184 a year and that does not count taxes!

Save your money, your lungs and your heart!

In this short series of videos I instruct you on how you will overcome your tobacco addiction and help you find ways to do it without gaining weight, costs of patches or other stop smoking plans. This way only requires three weapons! 

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Yes, my plan is very darn good and free, but if you need more help go here and you can find many secrets to quitting smoking.

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Think of the things that you will be able to do with the money you don't spend on smokes.
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