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13 July 2012

HM We Have Skills One Entire Episode For The First Time Ever!

Monday, July 9, 2012                                                       11:08 PM

A Wonderful Episode With John Hill Who Is A Wonderful Artist, Graphics Artist And Photographer. You're Going To Love This Episode.

This Is The First Time I Have Ever Put An Entire Episode Of Humanity Matters Online In its Full One-Hour Format. Why Did I Do This? Well, Many Reasons One Is No Matter How Short I Make My Videos They Have Never Had More Than 800 Views. So, To Be Honest, I Figured Those Who Want To See The Show Will Watch And Those Who Don't Will Use The Excuse That The Video Is Too Long.

And To Be Honest, I Am Tired Of Catering To YouTube Viewers Or Even Some Of My Own Fans' Whims. Why? Because I Work So Hard For People And Then No Person Watches. It Is Upsetting.

That Said Yes, You And They Matter, But Darn It I, And Annette, Chris And Our Guests Matter As Well.

So, Take A Break, View It On Different Days, By Remembering Where You Left Off, But View Our Works As We Are Working Our Bodies To The Bone To Bring You Entertainment and Experts Such As Our Past, Current And Future Guests.

Yes, Our Show Is Worth An Hour Of Your Time And Gives You Tons More Use Value Than You Will Spend Watching It.

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