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26 July 2012

How To Add Affiliate Marketing Links To Your Post

How to add affiliate links to your post.
If you are an affiliate marketer and have access to affiliate networks one great way to advertise on your blog or web site without having way too many gadgets on your pages. Is to direct visitors, subscribers, viewers and listeners to the products and or services that you are promoting by placing them directly into your post.

Now, don't create an ads only post as you are really not offering any real value to the viewer, visitor, instead create a post about something of interest to the viewer and or yourself and offer some advice as to how to improve on their success in the topic that you are writing about.

This way of doing things will earn trust with the viewer as they will see that you are trying to help them in some way and in addition to that helping them have a chance to save money on many items that they use in their lives.

Remember, you are trying to improve your life through earning some extra income through these affiliate links, but that you must give a viewer a great reason to trust you and to keep returning to your site. If you are an expert on any or many subjects then keep teaching others how to improve their lives and in the process you will be improving upon your own life.

  1. Do this by going to your affiliate network and select the ad or ads that you wish to promote then grab the code.
  2. Go to your html section of your site and or post.
  3. Paste the code into the html code and be sure to have the
     is above and below the code.
  4. Go to your compose section so that you can check to see if the advertisement has shown up and if it is where you wish to place the advertisement.
  5. Give the viewer a reason to click on the ad and why he or she may save money or discover a service that can help them in some way.

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