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16 July 2012

Thank You For Visiting. This Is Your Thank You Post.

Today’s post is about all of you. Today is a thank you to all of you who visit here from around the globe. I know that most of my posts relate to my home city, state or nation and it is time to expand worldwide. I want to thank all nations who visit and of course my home nation the United States of America.

I can understand my fellow Americans visiting many times as many of my posts are about our nation and how we can improve her. To see India, Taiwan, Germany, Belgium, Russia, China, Italy, United Kingdom, Canada, Philippines, Netherlands, France, Sweden, Pakistan, Brazil, Turkey, Japan, Australia, Indonesia,

And all of the 81 nations who visit here it makes me so thankful and proud to know that I must be bringing something to you that transcends nations and this is in fact one of my missions. You see, I want your stories. I want to hear from you. Now, you must understand that I am just a one-person web blog staff as well as television show producer, podcaster and more. As such, I don’t yet have the web mastering skills and have not created forms, chat rooms or the like, as I could not keep up with them at this point in my life. So, please contact me by visiting my YouTube or FaceBook page and message me there.

I want to tell your stories. This is not the United States of America matters (It does.) it is all of humanity matters and what life is like in your nations are as important as the issues of mine as they also matter. And from time to time you will hear me have a point of view that may seem as if I am thinking of my nation at the expense of others and while that may seem to be the case in fact it is not. Take the issue of outsourcing yes, I oppose it as it may help other nations at the expense of American jobs, but in truth that is only one reason I am opposed to it.
The other is this many peoples around the globe work in nations that have little or no human rights and also pay slave wages, or sweatshops labor. While it is true that it may help some people feed their family in the end it does so at too high a cost. You must also consider that there are many multinational corporations that are going to other nations that have even less labor and safety laws and in fact we have a race to worldwide slave wages, a race to worldwide slavery. So, if I seem to attack nations at times it is not you, the people, whom I attack. I love humanity and by extension I love you.

What I don’t like is suffering for any people and if we are to change humanities’ plight for the better we must legally, peacefully compel corporations, governments and all employers to put people and lives over profits. Let there be reasonable profits such as 50% to 150%, but there is no need for 800% to 1800% at the expense of the lives of all peoples around the world.
Did you know that in America two of every three corporations pay no taxes at all and that amounts to at least eight hundred billion dollars a year that our government does not take in taxes then comes to the working Americans for the difference. Further, did you know that American corporations are holding three trillion dollars in reserve? Look up these facts on the Google search engine on my site here at humanity matters dot org or any search engine.
Then look up financial facts about your own nation’s corporation’s holdings it may shock you.

Keep in mind that all that I do is for the betterment of lives for all humans on our great planet and as such, I have a huge responsibility to all people and it goes without saying that I may be one among many that may inspire you to act and together we may inspire one person then another then a community, then a city, state, nation and finally the world. Yes, we can unite and change the world and yes, what I am doing is near impossible, but never forget that peace, change, human rights, justice, equality, and freedom have come to many nations and her people or segments of her people by one person speaking out long enough that a movement was created.

All of you may well be among the leaders of the great movement of justice for all people of this earth and though many of you have no rights in your nation or few rights your minds are free and this is the greatest freedom that any woman, child, or man can have. I ask all of you to keep visiting humanity matters dot org and to spread the word worldwide to every soul that you know be they online, offline,
 Co- worker or any other person that you know and I ask all of you to help me to make this site 1,000 times better and tell me your stories. For it is indeed true that you are the you, when I say that you and humanity and all forms of life really does matter.

I may put forms or chat room here soon so as to make our site that much better and to bring you back every week three or more times a week.
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Again, thank you to each and everyone of you who have visited my site and who return you are my sunshine and I hope that I inspire you, educate, and entertain you. All of you matter to me and I keep doing what I do because of the fact that you and humanity really does matter. Have a great morning, afternoon, evening, night or late night wherever you may reside on this great earth. If you’re one of the people in space such as our international space station I say thank you for being pioneers.

Albert Torcaso

The time to act for justice, fairness, and what is right is now, and we must not ever retreat in these duties. 
Albert Torcaso 

Sometimes standing up for one makes you a leader of many. 
Albert Torcaso 

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