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27 July 2012

The Dark Knight Rises And So Have I As You Must Also Rise.

I Made A Promise And Kept My Word To You, I Have Seen The Dark Knight Rises.

I spoke about the tragedy at the Dark Knight Rises Midnight showing In Colorado and I said that because of this tragedy and this gutless attack that I would see the film even though I did not have plans to do so before this attack. Well, if you know my podcast, television shows or my blog or know me personally you know that I am a person of my word and hold myself to high standards.

I believe that Integrity is very important if one is going to inspire and or attempt to lead a person, group, community, or nation. As such, on Monday July 23rd I went to see the Dark Knight Rises film and to be honest I liked the film for the most part. Now, there were some disappointments such as the ending which I may address later in this post if I choose to address it I will give you a spoiler alert notice.

Why I felt I had to see the film was being that people were killed and hurt and that this man attempted to terrorize people going to a simple pleasure such as a film and many of the families and survivors now no longer wanting to go to a film because of this terror I felt it was vitally important to attend this film for the very reason to show to my friends, family and all of my listeners that we must not live in fear and can't allow such people or acts to terrorize us to the point of losing who we are as a people and as a nation. As such, this was my way of being defiant once more to any acts of terror and to all terrorists around the nation (USA) and around the world.

It was time for me and for all of us to take action, my action was to not live in fear and to attend the film. There were not as many people there as I would have liked, but that there were anyone there was a victory of sorts for all nations fighting acts of terror. 
You may say how is this?
When we go about our daily lives and in the face of such tragedy this shows courage, determination, and hope. 
This is exactly what those who would harm and kills us want to stop us from doing and in addition to that they want the world to be a police state or to conform to what they may see as the right thing to do, but it is all the more important and honorable to act with courage when one could easily succumb to fear and no longer go out in public except for one's career, education, or errands that we must do.

It was with the thoughts that one of the best ways to honor those who were attacked and harmed for no reason that I would go and see the film which they were so eager to view and I would see what they were never allowed to see.

I have seen the Dark Knight and found it to be very good in terms of action, but a disappointment elsewhere. I will give a short review below.

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Spoiler Alert.
I will be telling the story as best as I can recall and will reveal how the film ends. Don't read below this point if you have not yet seen the film and don't wish to know the ending of the film.

First of all, I did not plan on seeing the film and was not planning on liking the movie. I guess one reason is that I was an extra in the film and I'm rather sick of only getting extra roles when I am an actor. That said, after the tragedy I said that I must rise above myself and personal feelings as I must show no fear of going to this or any other movie or event in my life as a way to honor those attacked.

A Sad Beginning.
The film is rather sad at first as Bruce Wayne is now in retirement and has been blamed for murder and Batman is wanted by the police. Bruce in the meantime is in great physical pain with bad knees, scarred kidneys and other physical problems which leads Alfred to confront Bruce about not being able to live or to give up Batman even if his life is at risk. It comes to a head and for the first time ever in all of Batman's history Alfred is out of Bruce's life! 

Enter The Evil Bane.
Bane, a muscled man who is evil and a mastermind of sorts attacks the city and kills many people in the process his plan is to use his own army of disillusioned men and in fact breaks out around a thousand prisoners from Gotham's prison to join his revolt against the wealthy and Batman.  

Why Is Batman Not Saving The City?
Even with all of this, Bruce Wayne is too depressed or feeling helpless due to his condition and does nothing until officer John Blake pays him a visit and reveals that he knows that Bruce Wayne is Batman. How he knows I will let that be revealed to you when you see the film. 

Finally, We See The Batman!
Batman finally confronts Bane and is left defeated, sent to a place of pain, hopelessness and escape proof. Worse yet, Bane takes Gotham City hostage and forces Batman to watch from this prison of no escape. He is  forced to watch all he cares about and the people he cares about are doomed. He is also physically broken, mentally drained without much if any spirit and can't even stand up.

Finally, Our Hero Returns.
Events transpire that puts our hero back together in every way possible and he races to save the city and takes on Bane and his army. What happens throughout the film is we see Batman being helped by what becomes other heroes and finally all is right with the city and Bruce again.

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As for the ending.
I changed my mind about revealing the ending as I find that to be a disservice to you. I will say that I did not like the ending for a few reasons one being that I don't think the Batman series or comic books should ever end as we need all the super heroes that we can get for this world and to fantasize about heroes who make our world safe and filled with truth and justice. 

One thing that I will say is that having Bruce Wayne's considered not being Batman any longer may seem just to many as he would have a personal and private life and be safe. It is also rather self absorbed to think that he could never live a personal life as long as he is Batman, if he could keep his secrets then he could even have a wife and family, but is it more important for some of us to be the loner who sacrifices our lives of happiness in order to save the lives of the many and of the city, nation or world? 

Think of our real life heroes who stood up at the Colorado tragedy and a few died as a result or think of our military heroes whom everyday stand for peace or fight or gives their lives for freedom. Having Batman give up the cape is like having trillions of gallons of water on our planet and never having a cup, bottle, jar, or hands to drink a drop of the life sustaining water. Batman being gone is a grave mistake!

I liked the film, but do believe in the end it could have been twice as good 3 half humanities out of five.

Albert Torcaso

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The time to act for justice, fairness, and what is right is now, and we must not ever retreat in these duties.
Albert Torcaso 

Sometimes standing up for one makes you a leader of many.
Albert Torcaso

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