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08 August 2012

C3 Annette And Brian Give You Their Thought On This Matter

C3 Annette And Brian Give You Their Thoughts On This Update
Annette and Brian give you their thoughts on this update and how it will help you and millions of others.

Tell everyone that you know about this site.

In any way possible that you can help please contact me as my life and those of my remaining family members are in my opinion in danger, help me to be able to earn an income get this building inspected, repaired or for me to be able to move out. 

If you are a network executive of a local or major television or radio station review my programs and then give me the chance to prove that if you hire me I will give you a great ROI return on investment. I have many viewers of my show when it is on PCTV21 and PCTV21.Org it is just that it is a public access program. I do have a potential of 90,000 viewers and keep in mind that I do my program live unscripted and I am able to cover breaking news, change the subject when warranted, answer viewers' calls even when they stray off topic while guiding them back to the topic at hand.

To all of you, help me and in return you will benefit as I will help you or put you on television, podcast, or some other way and if one becomes my agent you would receive a nice commission.

I know that you are out there , but to most of this world I am unknown and it may be killing me. As a result, I ask you to save my life so that I can remain here on earth and saving as much lives as possible.
Another way to help is by buying products through the banner ads and in the processyou will gain discounts and in the case of the courses you will gain knowledge that could finally make you an income possibly or maybe help you to quit an addiction that you have had for years. I ask you for your help in every manner possible and I don't mean to pressure you but my life is at risk and I need help if I am to keep moving ahead and helping to organize a movement that teaches the better aspects of humanity. Does my life and indeed my families' lives matter? Only time will tell, but I tell you this your lives matter to me and I want to create a reality based movement to show the world how much better we can be. Please join me and help me in this cause.

Read the Seven Habits Of Highly Effective People, The Science Of Getting Rich and more positive thinking books and you may learn what I am seeking to do. I just do what they do at a level that all who read, hear or see it can do because I do it from the stand point that many people wish to change. However, finances stop them from making the changes as they can't afford the books, college, systems or whatever is needed. I change that by creating a way for all of you to be able to take steps to make the changes. Now I need your help or all of this may cease very soon. 

Repealing The Affordable Health Care Act makes about as much sense as putting your finger in an electric socket and having a wet finger! Doing that action of putting a wet finger in and electric socket could get you killed!

Repealing this law could kill millions who once again won't have any access to any type of health care.

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The time to act for justice, fairness, and what is right is now, and we must not ever retreat in these duties. 
Albert Torcaso 

Sometimes standing up for one makes you a leader of many. 
Albert Torcaso 

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