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27 August 2012

I Am Sorry That I Left. I Had A Death In The Family And Was Down For The Count.

This post was to be titled Too Many Deaths Too Soon And No Way To Stop It.

How do I start this post? I would ask you to listen to the video first then please come back and read below.

The event is below.
Deaths, deaths and more deaths this is what we, as a family, have faced over the last ten years it has become so common place in our home that we seem to not ever grieve anymore. In fact, I don't believe I really ever grieved for my mother or second father both passed one in 2002 cancer one in 2008. In between 2002 to eight there were five deaths and from 2002 to 2012 there have been too many to count. 
What hurts the most is that most of the deaths were from cancer or a mystery illness and the worst of it is being among the least able to pay for medical care. 

Most of these deaths will never have an answer as to how, where or why did so many of my family members contracted cancer. I believe it to be my house in the form of some undetected chemical, gas, or who knows? I can't afford to move or even afford to have it inspected and one can't lose their home or would become homeless so why reveal this to my readers, friends and family? Because you may be able to help me find out what is killing my family and if in fact, I and my live in friend are at risk? 

Why should you help? Because I am working to get my break in the business of broadcasting and once I do you would have a huge benefit in some manner and may even benefit of a financial manner. That and the fact that you could possibly save our lives. Sure, I know I am asking for help and how it is considered 
un-professional and yet indeed I am a professional who because of not being paid for my craft and services I have lost in total twelve family members in twelve years. 
The worst part of this is the fact that I have had success as a talk show host on and offline even booking some famous guests. Again, alas, it is non paid and this is the problem as my life is in affect a prison in that I must watch and can do nothing as my family members die around me as well as wonder who is next? How long will it be before the two who remain will become sick? Yes, I would be one of the two who remain. Will I be next? 
Can I do anything to save us? I know this much if you can help me in any manner at all by maybe introducing me to a network executive, official, agent, station manager, public relations agent who would work pro bona or on a commission based on booking auditions and landing jobs.

I need your help, my fellow Pittsburghers, Americans, friends, fans around the world. How much so? Well, lives depend on it and I am revealing my e-mail address to you in a hopeful prayer that you will help me in some manner to find out what keeps killing our family members. 
We lost another family member August-6-2012 @ 1:00 AM EST Time. Maybe you can help me get my break, maybe you can help me get my house inspected and or repaired (If need be)   for free if such a leak or some poison exist.

However, you can help maybe you can drive thousands or millions of people to this very blog site and help me earn an online living or maybe you can pray for us or even better maybe just maybe you can help get thousands or millions of people praying for us then we can find a way to solve this problem that has killed our family members. I can't move and my home is livable the problem is it is over 120 years old and may have deadly paint or who knows? 

This I know should I get my break I will repay you ten fold and I will do my best to improve thousands or even millions of lives through my words, voice, writings and actions. You see, one who wants to help others  will always help just please help us to live through this and be able to be a positive force in improving life for all of humanity.
Albert Torcaso

Now, here is the e-mail address.

People say that Pittsburgh and The United States Of America is great and I believe this of America as for Pittsburgh I will ask my fellow Pittsburgh residents please help us so that we can live to help others and keep trying to improve lives of all Pittsburgh residents and indeed to attempt to improve all human and animal lives.

And keep in mind buying items from the links and banner ads could earn me a few cents and we all know that pennies, dimes, and nickels can lead to earning a few dollars or more therefore consider the bargains you would receive as well as it maybe helping me in some small manner.

Thank you.
Albert Torcaso

The time to act for justice, fairness, and what is right is now, and we must not ever retreat in these duties. 
Albert Torcaso

Sometimes standing up for one makes you a leader of many. 
Albert Torcaso 

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