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17 December 2012

The change that will create a new victory!

A great change is coming in my life and it is one that will make my life better financially as I learn my new business opportunity as I learn it I will speak of it to you or will post textual blogs or even videos and audio podcast. I am making great changes across the spectrum every episode of my television show, podcast and all content of all types will be having changes. Why? You will learn more over the next months and years, but mainly because even though I have helped people in the past and even helped them to be inspired I want real hands on changes and I want the poor and hopeless top have hope the poor and penniless to be able to save a few pennies then dollars to be able to join us and learn the business and then hopefully start earning some income small at first then with education hopefully it could expand. I can't promise anything except that I will do my best to learn what I must learn then I shall mentor you and hopefully inspire you and others. Bottom line I am making wholesale change in all aspects of my life.

The time to act for justice, fairness, and what is right is now, and we must not ever retreat in these duties. 
Albert Torcaso 
I have a question. How much do you trust me? How much do you trust your Twitter friends? Answer here make a comment or message me.

Learn Now And Start The Path To Success!
For you who really read my tweets, view my blog podcast episodes & videos. I want you to know a great change

is coming in 2013. Be part of it.

Some of you know that I started a brand new business I am finally starting to find the needed information to learn this business as well as I broadcast on live television and even better than that and

I will admit I have an AGENDA!


In business once I and you have learned what the business is and how it works. I want you in the business for one big reason I want to earn money and gain true financial freedom and now I have the business that can and has done it for thousands of people for fifty years!


If we want, but take no action or do not learn we shall never earn the income nor shall we become free of financial stress, we may win financial freedom if we have a career, but often lose our chances to be with family and loved ones while they are growing up or growing old.

MY MISSION? WIN the financial freedom and the time freedom as well! How? Find the business that allows part time while earning a full time income and I found such a business. In 2013 I will be making great and wholesale changes to my life as well as my shows and my video, audio, textual content I in fact will be re-inventing myself because I want freedom for myself, my family, my friends and my fans! I am not going to be a slave to finances or time anymore! Join me in my mission now even as you may have doubts in me or the business opportunity, or even in yourself. I ask you to take action now and message me. One thing I promise I will always be honest with you, work to help you and above all I shall always be looking out for your best interest because as hard as it is to believe I really care about each of you even those who hate me.
Now, I ask of you how can you have fear when you have someone who has your back and who has told the truth at great expense and risk since 2004 the year that Humanity Matters television first appeared on
You see I am not going to cheat or lie to you because I don't want God looking at me when I die and asking Albert why did you harm or lie to those people? Why did you lie to me? Why did you lie to yourself? I won't lie or back down. This is why I have always told it like it is even knowing I would face backlash and personal & professional pain.
You have a chance at a new life as do I let us not waste it.
Albert Torcaso

When you learn of this business opportunity I want you to do the research before you join it I want you to know that you can succeed if you work hard and learn what you must learn. I want a better life for all of us and for those who come after us, we can start the great change now and we will succeed.
Albert Torcaso

Copyright 2004 - 2012 Albert Torcaso All Rights Reserved.

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