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26 January 2013

It's Time To Fight Back! (Legally) And I Am About To Unload A Universe Of Whoop Butt!

If video does not start for any reason click on this link and it will work at the YouTube site.

This video is about my reckoning and the fact that I no longer will live the way that I do. If you're tired of the same old stuff and want to try and make a better life for yourself and all of us then it is time that you not only watch this message the entire way through, but you must contact me and we must work together to change our lives. I have many tools that may very well help us improve our lives, but it must be done by e-mail, in person or by phone what you are watching here is not only a video it is a movement and a demand for a brand new and better life have you the guts to watch it? And have you the courage to act on it? I believe in you, I believe that you can and will succeed on a level that none of us can even attempt to dream about yet, if you do not watch this video and do not act you will have not made that first step to a better life you will not have started on your path to greatness!
Albert Torcaso

Contact me through YouTube, FaceBook, or my e-mail that I will give you once you contact me at one of the sites that I have named.

Visit me as well here.    

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Today Is January-25-2013, my birthday, but instead of being happy and looking forward to celebrating my birth with family and friends or opening presents I am extremely sad because three of my cats died within a month. 
Two were mine and one was a stray that we loved and wanted to take home and save her life, but she was so abused and afraid as people had abandoned her before that she no longer trusted humans and would only take food thrown outside for her and only when people were in a house or far away. Even though we could not save her in life or in death we know she is in Heaven and we named her Shy Annabel.

I also told her spirit that we loved and love her and to go into the light to go to Heaven. I said I am sorry that we could not save her that she is ours and we will see her in Heaven. I told her if I have to chase here around Heaven I would because when we meet again I will be holding her and hugging her. I must tell all of you writing this post hurts so much that it feels like ten knives stabbing all at once.

The real reason my cats are dead is I had enough money to take them to the Veterinarian but not have any blood work done as it was too costly and when they got sick I could not afford to take them until Jan 2013 and not even the so called humane society would allow me to pay in as a result they died

More about the stray cat now known as Shy Annabel

Shy Annabel was hit and killed by a vehicle then wild animals took her body away before we could take it to have a burial! I lost three wonderful animals one of which Little Baby Girl, my cat and loyal child, saved my life less than an hour before she died. How? I was ready to give up I said to her I am tired of being a financial failure and not being able to save your life if you want me not to give up the show, web sites, podcast and almost everything I have done then give me a sign. 

I was thinking if she had any strength she might twitch an ear or blink, but she found the power to move toward me and even put her paw (hand) in mine that tore me up and I cried like a small child.

Yeah, tough as nails me. In fact, as I type this I have tears in my eyes the courage and devotion that she shown to me is a love that few have known from human or animal and after she did that I promised to do all that I can to succeed and earn an income it may not happen who knows, but I am going to work longer and harder than I have ever worked in my life

I owe it to Little Baby Girl, Megan Brianna and all of my human and animal family members who now reside in paradise (heaven) as such this is why I am in battle mode and it will last forever until I not only succeed financially for myself, but until I am I demand a change in the lives of myself, my family, my nation and our world. Let us no longer accept suffering due to lack or loss of income, let us have a world of abundance.

I Am Really Upset With What Is Happening To My Family And Me. If You Care About Us At All Listen To The Podcast Too Many Deaths It Is More Than I Can Handle! And E-Mail me with helpful ideas or some way that we can stop this tragedy.

Megan Brianna, my other cat that died for no apparent reason or cause was mistreated by the owner before me who used to keep her in the basement claiming that she did not get along with other animals which was a lie as she loved her family here and even groomed them. I was able to give her a fairly good life, but until I have income to save future animals (children.) I will consider myself a failure.

I want all of you here and for all reasons.

My next post I am planning on doing will be asking the question what do you want President Obama to achieve in the next four years for America, the world and for you? And what will you do to achieve the great success that you want in these next four years? I also want you to know that I don't like speaking to you without feedback this one sided format is outdated. 
I will be looking into new ways to have you be able to interact with me; this site is about all of us and not just me.

The time to act for justice, fairness, and what is right is now, and we must not ever retreat in these duties

Albert Torcaso

Now, Is The Time For You To Say No To How Things Are, Now Is The Call To Action! Do You Have The Courage To Stand Tall Like MLK Did? Do You Have The Guts That Senator Obama Had That Lead Him To Campaign For President Of The United States And Had Him Win Two Terms? Now, Is The Time To Risk Much In Order To Change All The Negative Into The Positive. If You Will Not Act Then You Will Not Have That Better Life You Dream Of. 

I Ask You To Message Me And To Join Me In Taking Action! If You Will Act We Shall All Have A Better Life.

Albert Torcaso

Sometimes standing up for one makes you a leader of


Albert Torcaso


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Copyright 2013 Albert Torcaso All Rights Reserved

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