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27 January 2013

Please Don't Be Confused By All Of The Affiliate Ads.

Friends, fans and family, I look at my site and say Albert, you're going too far with these affiliate ads and your fans, friends and family are going to have to wait longer for the site to load and it looks like an EYE SORE! 
I know that it does. I also say Albert, enough with the depressing stories of your life get back to all of the old style content such as news based advocate based, entertainment based content and stop the crying and ads content flood!

Don't leave and don't worry I am aware of what I am doing and what it seems that I am doing, here is what is really going on. I will be getting back to all of that great content and more including more informed content mind bending content that makes one think and funny content, but I must keep adding these advertisements for two reasons one I want you to save money and with ways to have access to millions of deals you can save lots of money! And yes, millions of deals, how? Amazon you click on any banner I have and no matter what you buy there through me you will get some type of deal and that is true of all of the advertisements. As you can see I have so many brand names you could go nuts here! 

Now, don't be confused I also have different companies such as Go Daddy, Host Gator and 1&1 Web Site My Web Site which are domain names or hosting companies. Why have them competing? To Save you money! Let the best company and deal win! I use GoDaddy and they do great! 

I also now use 1&1 and may also use HostGator why all three? I may be adding other domains and I want the best deal known to humanity for my sites and domains. 1&1 may set me up on a deal where I can have unlimited domains and great deals on hosting. As for more than one wireless company Verizon, Cricket, again, it comes down to deals for you. Therefore, please not only get used to the new and old style content, but also look to Humanity Matters Dot Org as a shopping outlet as for the longer wait to load think of it as a trade off. It may take a bit more to load, but you could get a great deal on a new pair of shoes, snow blower, car, great meal, a trip or even some ink for your printer. And there will also be new possible ways to earn an income your results may vary, but is it not worth a try? 

Just look at all my body of work old and new and ask yourself do you know anyone else who cares about you like this other than your loved ones? Have you ever had this type of programming, videos, podcasts, news, informative, commentary, contextual information, inspiration and entertainment anywhere else? Keep coming here and even save cash.

And Join Netflix right here on Humanity Matters Dot Org

And yeah, I really care about you and humanity.
Oh' no! Ads!! Deals to save you cash! I use a wireless mouse from Logitech and it's great! Wireless Mouse M510

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You know, I know how odd everything I say and do is, but remember, that I want to help improve your life and as such I will keep thinking of ways to improve all of our lives. 

I will always do my best for us as we are the people who shall learn how to change our lives and the lives of others. Yes, there is a way for us to change lives including our own. In the meantime, study the posts, the ads and all that is on the site. Keep remembering what the total mission of my site is it is to help us improve our lives and the lives of others and to make certain that all who come here know that they are important to God, to me and to you and though we may suffer, that we may have doubt, and be mistreated, undervalued, told we our worthless, or have failed many times that we indeed matter and we will have great success. 

This site declares in every way that indeed you matter and you shall find true love, happiness and wealth though we can't promise anything one should know that God does promise if we learn of God, for those who don't believe in a God I say God is real and God loves you. I know because I am still alive when I should have been dead many times over. Now, find the great content, find the inspiration, the entertainment and find the great deals on products that you use and need. Ask yourself why not save money until that day when you learn how to make an extra income through Amway, another great way on or offline reduce your cost by just trusting me and yourself enough to try out these banner deals and save money. 

There are no scams here any agenda to trick you all that is here is to help your life improve whether you are from the United States Belgium, India, Germany, Taiwan, Italy, Japan or any nation on earth your lives matter to God and me all 7 billion seven billion lives. Please tell and many people on this earth about this site of Albert Torcaso his site Humanity Matters Dot Org and his friends and family who co host Humanity Matters Live. We all have a great love for all of humanity and seek to spread this word to all people. I, Albert Torcaso, seek to help people learn how to create wealth although results may vary any extra income in our lives would be a great new wind fall and I know that there will come such a day that I will have great spiritual, medical, and financial wealth and I hope that many of you can join me in this great abundance. Believe, my friends, believe.

Give it a try.

Now, go forth and find great deals on great products. I know that Logitech products are great as I use their wireless mouse and keyboard. I have used them for years. As for Go Daddy Dot Com, I have used them for many years as to VistaPrint again, I used them for eight years now and even am an affiliate two ways. One, through affiliate networks and second, through my Amway business.

A note about the Amway business you may have heard many things good or bad, but the simple truth is if you learn the system and if you work with me odds are great that you will earn some type of an income from it results may vary. I do have to say though that their products carry a 180 days return policy and that every product I have ever used from them has been wonderful! Their product line of vitamins, nutrients and supplements are the number one vitamin, nutrients and supplements line in the world.
Albert Torcaso


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The time to act for justice, fairness, and what is right is now, and we must not ever retreat in these duties. 
Albert Torcaso 

Sometimes standing up for one makes you a leader of many. Albert Torcaso 

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