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29 January 2013

What Do You Want President Obama To Do For you And For America?

What do you want from President Barack Obama's Administration in his second term? What do you want for yourself? What do you want for America?

I am having a tough time on this as I sort of zoned out on politics and at this point really don't know what I want. This is a bad thing as we need to know what we want and what we need. As a talk show host it is very bad! So, what might I want?
Let me see if I can come up with a few things.

Fiscal Cliff:
We have the answers to this issue it is just that congress and the president won't do what must be done since many or all of them have received campaign money from corporations, unions and super wealthy donors, but if you call, fax, snail mail, petition, text all members of Congress and the President these changes will happen so start the great tide of change!

These are the legitimate web sites and phone numbers do not call or prank them or the sites as you can be tracked and or questioned by law enforcement for such actions. Use this information to legally, peacefully change America for the better for you, your family and all of us.
Whitehouse 1-202-456-1111  9-5 pm Est time I believe.

Call 1-202-224-3121 for the congressional switchboard call for hours.

What then is the solution spending cuts to social security? No! Spending cuts to Medicare and Medicaid? No! Spending cuts to education? No! Spending cuts to citizen welfare programs? No! Spending cuts to corporate welfare? Yes! Spending cuts to the arts or any other program that helps the American people who need it the most? No! Spending cuts to the oil industry and many other industries that have a surplus of revenue? Yes! 
Start with cuts to industries and corporations that receive money from our government then you insure that every corporation in America or that does business in America pays their legal obligation in taxes and since two of every three corporations have paid no taxes for years you increase corporate taxes. 

You then raise the tax rates on the wealthy and cut most if not all loopholes and make it illegal by fines and imprisonment to hide money off shore or overseas. Making the wealthy pay higher taxes if the government has the backbone to do it. You're online look at the history of America and you will find that in fact the trickle down theory does not work and is a form of the brainwashing of the American people! 

Think of it trickle down they call it that because those under the financial status of the super wealthy are often pissed on! Stop the theory and get the truth look it up online it may take awhile after all once the truth comes out America just might have a legal and peaceful changing of the mind and demand the real changes that Americans need!

Gun Control:
I'd like to see a form of gun control and violence reduction control. I feel that we need to make everyone who buys a firearm be background checked and that as in driving you should have to be tested on that firearm and or trained to be certain that you know how to use it. 

Now, I do differ from many people as I feel that people with mental Illness and even non violent convicts who have served time should have a way to earn back their rights of protection to carry a firearm or at least have one for protection in their home if they can prove that they are stable and have no uncontrolled outburst and a doctor states such in writing. If a person serves their time and the parole board or parole officer states in writing that this person is now law abiding and safe to own a firearm. We need sensible gun control, but we need not take away all people's rights.

Violence Control: 
Violence control for the record, I heard the term from republican Governor Chris Christi of New Jersey see, I do give republicans credit when they come up with great idea.s I judge a person by deeds and actions.

Violence control must happen not only by reducing guns access, knives or any weapon, but it must be ten fold in as much as we must find careers and jobs, hope and access to help when one gets too depressed to accept their current or lifelong reality at least to that point of their life. We must do and demand that congress and this president pass (congress) and sign (president) that will change laws including HIPPA that will allow people who need help to receive help even if it means being placed in a mental health facility for a period of time by court order until they receive the needed treatments and help to have then stable and in recovery. 

We must not focus on those who are mentally ill and stigmatize them as most who are mentally ill due recover and lead productive lives. At the same time we cannot allow a person who has such an illness and who may threaten people and won't seek treatment to go to their breaking point and have these tragic acts of violence. 

We must find meaningful employment for all who have no hope so that they do not resort to buying and selling illegal drugs, guns or give up on life. We must stop allowing corrupt business people, corrupt local law enforcement those who are corrupt not the law abiding helpful police officers and the corrupt politicians and corporations to keep looking the other way while these deadly firearms enter our communities and cities. The same can be said of illegal drugs, if we want to end these tragedies to end we must take and make many actions and we must not allow the gun lobby which includes the NRA to stop commonsense gun control and violence control with a new found access to mental health treatment for those who need it.

Lower taxes on the poor, the working poor, the middle class:
I want to see the President work with congress to create a tax code that would lower the tax burden on the poor, working poor and middle by at least 18%. On the other end, have the wealthy pay at least 12% more and end most loop holes. The wealthiest people of this nation have gained 44% more wealth or more over the last 24 years. It's time they pay a fair share which will help lower the burden on the masses.  

Corporate taxes we need to make corporations pay their legal share of taxes and even increase it by 4% or more. This would be hundreds of billions of dollars a year into the federal coffers and lower all Americans' taxes even those of the super wealthy! Two of ever three corporations paid zero taxes in 2009 and I suspect that the figure has not changed much since then. 
I will research it and report it on future posts. Higher end non profits and non profits in name only should pay taxes or at least be required to hire many more people at a living wage and keep each one employed for not less than six months this way we have employed Americans serving other Americans in need. 

Bring back manufacturing:
We must create many more products in America once more, we must create the technology of new products, industries, and green technology then we must manufacture it here in America.

In order to create the technology that I speak of we must educate our young children and college age children so that they can fill these new careers, jobs. I have heard that there are millions of skilled worker jobs  unfilled in America because we are no longer skilled enough to fill them and that people from other nations are being brought to America to fill them or the companies are going overseas to manufacture the products. This must stop.

To my fans overseas please understand that we as well as you need careers and jobs and I believe that Americans should take no person's job from another nation nor should a person from another nation take any American's job. We should never allow corporations or governments of any nation to take one job from the other nation or we are only exchanging  suffering and joy from one family to another. There are enough jobs the world over to employ all who seek to work.

Immigration Reform 
We must find a path to citizenship for legal and illegal immigrants. Let us remember to the native Americans all non native Americans were and are illegal immigrants. Are we to deny citizenship to new illegal immigrants? And if we do don't people understand what that would mean to our nation? Don't blame the lack of careers or great jobs to those who are illegal blame it on downsizing and profits over people. Blame it on lack of education, but show compassion and the American spirit and have all of us live the American reality and stop dreaming ask Congress and President Obama to make major changes and if they refuse legally and peacefully demand it. America is a great and proud nation we can reach levels of greatness that have never been witnessed in this nation or on the face of this earth since the dawn of humanity, but you can help change your reality and that of all Americans then change the world so shall it be.

Stop the Wars and start no more wars:
Annette has added that she wants all the wars to stop and wants to see no new wars. I, Albert Torcaso, believe that we must find other means to deal with current enemies and to create new allies. We can and we must end dictatorships and evil around the world by changing our ways and helping others change their ways the wars must end at once.

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The time to act for justice, fairness, and what is right is now, and we must not ever retreat in these duties.
Albert Torcaso 

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