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21 February 2013

You Can Help Make History! Yes, You Can.

I have less than six hundred visits needed to have this site Humanity Matters Dot Org  become my most visited content and or site. 

Yes, even more visits than my YouTube channel. Now, it's true I want my videos on YouTube to go viral, but think about it more people have seen my content here than  anywhere else online! That's big because I increased my visits by 12, 000 views in  nine months and this is important to you as well. 

Why? Because I am learning a bit about SEO and increasing my visits without any Pay Per Clicks or Ad - words or any of the like that means as I learn and increase my visits and learn more I will pass it onto you and maybe you will see an increase in web site visits to your sites and blogs. Now, I should tell you in everything I am learning about internet marketing it is this! You need traffic! You get traffic then targeted traffic and you will make money online. 

As a result, you can start learning more about SEO and gaining traffic as this can help you very much in any online business.

When making key words place them in three word sets anymore may confuse the search engines any less may not give you many results. Example: Weight Loss System, now if you do this you will find many links and if you come up with a better three word set you will most likely receive more visits and you will have a more targeted group of visitors in many cases. Like say if you wrote Weight Loss Miracle you will most likely get more visitors. And next to key words you will want to become better at your content or your ad copy if you are selling any products.

Now, I ask you to keep visiting Humanity Matters Dot Org and while you are here look at all of the advertisements as they are here for you to save and or earn money.

I hope that you receive great value from the content that I create and post here and I also hope that it has helped you in your life in some manner.

As for  my YouTube's views and gaining views on every site, system or social network that you or I are on it can happen by many ways, but it will only happen if we help each other by telling the world about each others' sites and reasons to visit them. Again, as 
I learn I will attempt to teach you what I learn and if you know ways to help us in our task of gaining visitors please contact me through my FaceBook or YouTube sites.

As per those ads one thing I can tell you is that you will save money here if you click on the banners or links. You could save thousands of dollars if you use these links. If you need auto parts go to AutoMotix and you could save hundreds on an engine, better yet free shipping anywhere in the United States! And remember if you're an Amazon shopper go to the banner and save cash! Like wireless products go get them here. Trust me if I say you can save money or earn money you can. I won't say it if it is not true my credibility supersedes everything and is one reason that I am not rich and famous. I will achieve my mission with honesty, integrity and by helping each of us improve our lives in any manner that I may be of service to my fellow human beings.

Now, come back here as often as you can and spread the word around the globe to everyone you know in your real life and internet life.

P.S. I have no computer access at all I was able to have a friend allow me to use their access in order that I might write and publish this post.
  1. Your brain is more powerful than you may even think it is when it is trained it can achieve the impossible  over and over again..
  2. You are here reading my blog and or web site (s) I created every post and embedded every banner link on the sites since this blog has been around (2004) as with my other sites. 
  3. I am the creator of every post be it contextual, audio podcast or video, and have been for nine years.
  4. I am a real life television talk show host Humanity Matters Live, is the program.
  5. I am the host of many podcasts my mainstay podcast is Humanity Matters Podcast at Talk Listen Now.  
  6. I have at present 558 YouTube Videos and I created every one!
  7. All of it had to be thought of first. 

The point? Tooting my horn? No. It is that in fact everything that I have created every word, video, podcast, or text based piece of content had to be thought of first. Yeah, that's the secret it had to be thought of and you may say BIG DEAL!

It is a HUGE deal.

Why? Well, it proves that thought is what creates everything that we create, build, or invent, homes, IPod's, Cars, Shoes, Rockets, The Internet! No matter what physical labor and or tools are needed the first part and foundation of the process is thought.

Look at me as a case study. I have done all of these episodes

(television and podcast.) as well as videos placed on YouTube and all of the text based content on this and many other sites over the past nine years and I don't have one staff member, no crews, no writers, no editors, no uploading staff, no copywriters, no photographers or videographers, no Internet technology crew. Which means everything you see, read, view or hear was created by me save one exception the great music of the Nashville Session Players they grant me legal and written permission to use their music for my television shows and video content. Get their great music now.

Still not convinced and you’re saying big deal, again? Consider, I have no budget for anything that I do and all that I have learned and have done was self taught. This is also the reason that I don't yet have a larger set or special effects. I will need first to learn how to do it then I will need to obtain the funding.

Closing points: I have created thousands of hours of content without a budget and a monthly income of only 700 dollars to live on and still I found ways to thrive and survive, but again, this is the point. Everything I ever created I had to first think of and then find ways to complete the mission and there have been obstacles tens of thousands of times that I thought were not going to be overcome then thoughts came into my mind and I found a way to complete the missions. 

You can achieve everything as well I have and I ask you to spend time looking into these links. Consider buying or downloading them and the free ones and then give them real study. Why? Because once you gain self esteem, knowledge and the training that you need it is certain to improve your life and may help you earn a living that you never even dreamed of yet.  Your results may vary, but learning will always increase knowledge and knowledge is power as it is a way to succeed. Trust in God, trust in yourself and finally trust in me that you were brought to this post for a reason and that could be a reason that may change your life.

You Are Great  Success And Greatness can be yours if you believe and create the reality!

Sometimes standing up for one makes you a leader of many. 
Albert Torcaso 

A chance at a dream home give it a try!


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