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03 March 2013

It Could Be Your Business!

Mind your own business ? 

Should you mind your own business when it comes to family or friends relationships? That is actually it is both a yes and no answer and I will explain what I mean.

It is not your business

If you have  a couple in a relationship and they are having a good and or normal relationship then you should not interfere with their relationship as it is normal and what most of us hope for and it is their private business. They may be co workers, school sweethearts or the like and they go out dating or engage in all that comes with romances, this is normal as should raise no alerts unless the couple is under the age of eighteen. If they are not of legal age they should be counseled on sexual education and theirchoices of abstaining from sexual activities or using birth control. I prefer that they speak with older adults be it their parents, counselor, pastor, older sibling, or someone they admire and respect. Sex is enjoyable, but not realizing the consequences could be life changing such as an unexpected pregnancy or even a sexually transmitted disease.

It Is Your Business!

In this scenario it is one hundred percent your business. What if you find out third hand that a man or woman is being abused or cheated on in the case of the cheating I feel this must be told to the person since it can impact their lives on so many levels that many people do not even think of if they live together it may affect their bank account, their credit, their friendships ETC. and it shows that this person is dishonest and can't be trusted. What happens if the innocent person lends the cheater money or enters into business with such a person? Therefore, you have every right to let the friend or family member know what is going on and you let them know that you care. Some will say why can't you let them live their own life? You are letting them do that, but why put them in danger of losing money, friends, jobs, or whatever else this cheater and dishonest person would have done to them.

It is your business and duty to alert them and or law enforcement in the case of abuse!

In the case of abuse of a man, woman, child or animal by all means it is your business to butt in. How many women and men have we heard of being harmed or killed by current husbands, estranged husbands, ex - husbands, ex - wives, ex - girlfriends or estranged wives? Don't we know yet that there are people out there that are deadly due to instability or possession of that person, child or animal. Should we allow our friends or loved ones be harmed or killed just to not upset them? I say heck no! We must do all that we can to help and support them sure, they may hate us for it, but could we live with their deaths should that happen? Would it not be a better solution to find ways for them to meet new potential mates or even casual relationships for them?  Almost everyone likes a no strings fling in their lives now and again.

It happens sometimes 

Okay, now you have an idea of when  to and when not to get into other people's business, but there are times when you will get into their business because of misinformation if this happens it is because some other person was lying, or misinformed and you acted on what you knew sounded like the situation needed intervention in order to protect your family, friend, co worker, college, or some person that matters to you. As for minding your business in a real business if you don't do all that you need to do you will soon be without a business and not receive any profit or satisfaction. 

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The time to act for justice, fairness, and what is right is now, and we must not ever retreat in these duties

Albert Torcaso 

Sometimes standing up for one makes you a leader of many.

Albert Torcaso 

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