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26 March 2013

The Tool That Makes Us Crazy And SLAVES!!!

Money Is The tool that makes us crazy! Don't believe me? Listen to this. 

Before you read this post or listen to the podcast visit this site as it could send you on your path to success.

Think of what we do each day for money and we claim it's survival, how can it be survival when we knowing lie, or are being lied too? How many people did you think cared about you only to find when they left the school, college training or even being your dentist that they never even contacted you again? Not even on FaceBook or Twitter or worse you send a friend request and never even get a reply not even a no or no thank you. How many co workers or in my case people who used to work at the studio where I film my television show. No, my friends I am not wrong when I say most if not all of us are slaves to what I say in the podcast. Tune in.

Now, I can't speak for you or anyone, but I am sick of being a SLAVE!
What can I do about it? Tune into the entire podcast and learn what I am you can do about it , we can become FREE!! Tune in and learn.
SLAVES we shall break the chains of this nightmare That has a world of PAIN!  We will learn how to be truly free and forever have no more slavery! It can be done just listen. 

We must no longer be slaves to the tool that makes us crazy, but for us to do that we must start to earn money and earn it as an ongoing or residual income in this way we can start saving money and deciding on a business that we ant to start. It will be hard to start a business if you never learned anything about business, but there are many ways to learn.

I am in the Empower Network and if you get into the network you will learn many things including what it takes to start to earn an income or an online income. The thing about the EN = Empower Network is that you have mentors and you also have a sponsor as well as a team. If you will listen to what they ask of you and focus you will finally have the chance to earn an income and to earn it each month. Is it easy?Well, if you can do what is asked of you and the tasks are completed then you see money coming in I would say it was easy. If you do all that is asked of you, but you don't earn any money at first then it is a bit hard, if you work very hard and have no return then it's hard. If you keep working hard and your learning all that you need learn and still no income comes in I say this. Don't stop what you are doing because if you keep doing it you will finally start earning money. We must learn what we don't know and if we cannot comprehend it we must find people who can teach us what we don't know. I believe in you and that you will finally become free from the tool that makes us slaves.
I believe in you now, it's time that you believe in yourself
Albert Torcaso 

Join us and learn how to earn a residual income.
Joining could start a massive change in your life. 

Time to act for justice, fairness, and what is right is now, and we must not ever retreat in these duties. 
Albert Torcaso 

Sometimes standing up for one makes you a leader of many. Albert Torcaso 

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