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27 March 2013

Using York Photo Is A Wise Choice.

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Choosing the correct film processor is more than just cost savings it's everything!

Hi everyone, I wanted to tell you about a trip I took in 1999 and how not having the correct film processing company cost me a roll of once in a lifetime photographs.
I had won a 4,000 dollar trip to the island of Turks and Caicos. It was fantastic and as beautiful as you can ever dream of and there are private islands there as well even Bill Cosby yeah, that

Bill Cosby owns a private island down there.

Anyway, I took many photographs while there. I would say at least one hundred and I had great photos that were beautiful and unexpected. I was able to have a wild iguana stop and wait for me to take a photograph of him / her and the tour guide was amazed. He said they never stop and interact with humans. He said he had done these tours for years and never saw that happen before. He asked me what did I do to get the

iguana to stop?

I replied that I only spoke to the iguana and believe it or not i asked the iguana to please allow me to take a photograph. It did and then once I was done I said thank you and the beautiful iguana left to be with the other


it was an island filled with them. Then I went and took more photographs of these wonderful islands and animals and throughout the trip.

I returned home a week later and sent the film to the Seattle Film Works for processing and let me tell you when I received the film back after paying them seventeen dollars I was extremely disappointed and upset. Only two of the photographs turned out and for them to get a full amount they made over twenty copies of the photographs. They sent two photos ten times each and the photographs were beyond blurred, they were useless. I called them to complain and they tried to come up with an excuse that I did a poor job photographing. I corrected them that they sent only two real photographs and they were F- rated in quality. I further explained that my other films from different companies worked and looked fine and that I used the same camera and lens so that there was no way it was on my end. At that point in my life I never bought another roll of

Seattle Film Works film.

Nor did I ever consider using their (Seattle Film Works.) processing again

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