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25 July 2013

We Need To Talk And Not Be A One Way Street!!

 We Need To Talk And Not Be A One Way Street!

Look, friends, fans, readers, viewers, listeners and subscribers. I won't have a three to nine hundred  blog post. In this post today and here's why. I want to talk to you about you.

We Need To Talk And Not Be A One Way Street!  

You see, I really care about you and what you want or need in your life. I want to know why you're here. I want more contact with you so that I can do a better job in bringing you content as well as products that you can buy and get great discounts, but unlike many of those types of blogs that give you great content and great bargains they have one huge difference that is they don't tell you about ways to possibly earn money on or offline. 

Here, I do that and more because I really want you to have a better life just as I want a better life. So, as such, I have listed new ventures that I have become a member or a business member of and what I am saying to you is that I want to see you earn income as well. Now, can any of us really make money in any of these so called businesses? Well, that jury is still out, but I promise to report it to you just as soon as I learn any and all details.

Now, as for contacting you I have a way for you to subscribe to my blog as well as providing you an e-mail address if you would rather e-mail me instead. 

I would like to hear from you in some manner maybe you can tell me what types of content you like and why you like it or what type of products that you would like me to become an affiliate of? You should know that if you use my Amazon dot com links you will save extra money for buying there from my portals. 
Maybe you want me to find other home business or internet businesses that can teach you how to earn an online living? Maybe I can find a way to add forms here. I don't really know what any of you want, but I thank all of you for being here and want you to always come back. Maybe you can tell me what needs changed? Is my page loading slowly? Are the ads driving you away or even a bit annoyed? I need to have feedback from you to make Humanity Matters Dot Org a great content and life changing site! 

I need to be able to have a two way street of conversation so that I can have impact and help change our lives for the better. Humanity Matters is not a slogan it is a way of life for me and it's time that I hear from each and every one of you.Now, I may have already posted the episode Humanity Matters Be A Millionaire, Get Paid! By the time you read or re-read this, but the truth is I really am out to become a millionaire and I am really trying to help you learn how to become a millionaire and I am telling you the facts for free. Can you find that anywhere else on the web for free? So, let's work together, let's also find ways to become millionaires. After all, it's very possible it's just most of us never took action or have not yet learned how to do it.

Let us win our health and wealth back or let those of us who have never been financially wealthy. Start down the path of becoming wealthy and achieving it in a rather short amount of time like 15 years or much, much, less.

We Need To Talk And Not Be A One Way Street!

The time to act for justice, fairness, and what is right is now, and we must not ever retreat in these duties. 
Albert Torcaso 

We Need To Talk And Not Be A One Way Street!

Sometimes standing up for one makes you a leader of many. 
Albert Torcaso Look to Humanity Matters Dot Org For Content, Information, Entertainment And For Great Deals On Products & Services That You Need. 

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