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22 September 2013

LIVE FOR LIFE NOT DEATH! Stop Stress And Worry!

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I know that you may think that the many videos that I have been making are really only about you becoming a business partner of mine and that it will only benefit me. The truth is that what you receive with a partnership with me is filled with benefits for you and I it is also a way to stop living pay check to pay check like 75% of Americans do. Here is another truth many people don't succeed with MLM or multilevel marketing companies. Again, I can tell you that a family member joined up and has already made over 1,000 cash in their pocket.

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Now, you say you don't want to sell anything? Do you live pay check to pay check? If you learn these skills and sell these products that are high quality and low priced with at least a 100% profit ratio why would you not at least try these companies?

Look, Amway has super products and high quality however, their costs can prevent you from selling a huge amount of product as such I rate their success ratio of around 60% Empower Network is a 100% commission ratio and they teach you 90% or more of what you need to know in marketing any business, service or mlm. I rate their ratio 100%. Organo Gold has many levels of success and seven ways to earn a commission or retail profit.

The retail end is where my family member made over a grand in less than a month! He has two new members joining his team meaning that he will have around five members or more. This will help create success for all of his team members including me and soon it could be helping you stop living pay check to pay check!

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This video will have a better description later, for now know that this is about finding a way to live for life and not death. Find a way to not live day to day with worries about lack of money.

About those businesses of mine it’s time that you join one!


Business 1

This company helps you to learn how to market any product or service and you also receive 100% commissions on all sold products or services.

Business 2

This business sells coffee, tea, hot chocolate and other products that are both organic and contain extra health benefits. This company will be among the top leading companies of the world and will be a multi-billion dollar company within four years.

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The time to act for justice, fairness, and what is right is now, and we must not ever retreat in these duties.

Albert Torcaso

Sometimes standing up for one makes you a leader of many.

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