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21 September 2013


What Should We Do About Syria And China?
A very tough set of questions to ask and answer, however, these questions must be asked and answered by American, world leaders who value freedom. As it must be answered by Americans and freedom loving people the world over.

The question is now that Syria has attacked her own people with chemical weapons and broken the laws of war what actions should the US and world take?

Then we must also ask how can we take any actions against Syria when China and many oppressive governments imprison their people, kill them and treat them inhumanely?

The larger questions are does the US, UN and the world have any right to stop dictators from gassing or killing their people? Does the world have a say in ending inhumanity? Do the world’s nations sit by and watch millions be killed as long as they are not being attacked or threatened?

If the answers are yes then we must realize that our lives also become expendable and we can easily become an enslaved world where no freedom exists.

We must even look at the United States and see that we are becoming a police state in many ways already where one needs to go through metal detectors just to go to sporting events.
We have cameras everywhere and have no privacy whatsoever. This is the time to stand for freedom! This is the time to become the America once more where freedom, justice and human decency reign!

Let us not only take a united action on Syria, China and all such dictators and oppressive governments, but let us demand that our own governments be they the United States, Canada, Britain, Russia or any government on this planet bring back freedom to all of their people.

As for the United States, let us demand a repeal of the Patriot Acts, The Military Commissions Act Of 2006, FISA, CHIPA, PIPA as well as restore Habeas Corpus and all of America’s civil liberties back.

It is time that all stores, sports arenas, casinos and any company, firm, educational institution stop the spying on us, find other means to protect us without taking away our liberty and our privacy!!

Some people have thought that I no longer would tackle the tough issues or that I was only going to upload videos about my businesses.

Well, as I have said this is not the case, but now, that I have laid out this road map and posed such strong commitments, to compassion, freedom, justice and privacy don’t you wish I just stuck to the join my business videos?

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The time to act for justice, fairness, and what is right is now, and we must not ever retreat in these duties.
Albert Torcaso

Sometimes standing up for one makes you a leader of many.
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