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18 February 2014


Blogger Having Major Issues

Okay, I don't have much information, but there are some major issues with 
Blogger right now!

I wrote blog post the last few days as you know what you may not have known is that I had to try two browsers to get my post published and each day it gets worse. Yesterday, I could not change settings or change tags and today I can not even publish my post by pressing publish. Many of the buttons are not working at all or correctly. In fact, I have this text set to left margin and It would place it in the center when I tried left margin nothing happened. Now, more bizarre goings on.
I pressed the right margin and as you can see it has the text in the left margin. Strange, indeed!

Okay, well most of these few days I thought it was because of FireFox I have just downloaded the new updated version, so I tried using Google Chrome on Sunday and it seemed to work okay so much so that I did not notice many odd occurrences. However, before I went to Chrome I tried using Internet Explorer and an odd thing kept happening.

It came up with an error that reads can't access the site http// I thought that odd, but I have had many problems with IE so not shocking suspicions. Then I said okay, could IE also have issues? I’ve had many crashes with IE.

Blogger Having Major Issues

I typed in my web site IE Had no problems at all then I typed in CNN again, no issues. Then, I thought I wonder if it is possible that for some crazy reason had Microsoft blocked it’s browsers from accessing any of Google’s site anymore since it’s the competition.

That thought lasted maybe a second Microsoft would cause the loss of billions of dollars to their company and I am sure Google would bring litigation for obstruction of commerce or some type of law suit.

Then, Monday I decided to write another blog to tell you of a very unexpected and potentially lucrative opportunity later tonight Feb-18-2014. When I was working on the post in the post box I noticed the buttons were acting even more strangely than Sunday, but tried as I might to write the post. Then I tried to save the post, but could not because the save and publish buttons would not work at all.

Then, I kept pressing everywhere micro inch by micro inch! Some things finally work after you find the right spot others won’t at any cost. At that point I’m thinking it’s has to be FireFox although there was really no reason to think that I guess. At that point, I tried Google Chrome. Now, this was about 10:00 pm Monday Feb – 17 – 2014. Then, I find out that the save and publish buttons were now not working even on Chrome. I again, tried using IE, but it will not access at all.

I have to conclude one or more of three possibilities that I don’t want to conclude and I admit I could be wrong however, the evidence are leading me to one of  three possibilities for the strange behavior of Blogger.

One: My personal computer has some type of virus or malware on it and these issues are only local to my computer and as such are not affecting Blogger or any other person accessing Blogger.

Two: Google is updating or doing other maintenance on the site or maybe Google is phasing out Blogger for some reason and we have not been updated.

Three: Blogger has been taken over by hackers who are attacking the system, but not taking it down completely.

In the event that it may have been hacked I will be changing my passwords very soon.

Now, you may wonder how you have been able to read these posts if Blogger is not working correctly? That is because the parts that are functioning somewhat normally worked just enough with some inch by inch clicking on everything and button. I finally was able to check mark the draft and press publish for the post.

So, I do hope that some of you who are technical experts can find a way to report this or fix it and then message me at 
If you don’t see me posting for a bit it will be because of the odd behavior of Blogger.

Now, I am going to try accessing Blogger from another computer when the weather clears up in my county at that point I will update this article should there be any news of merit.

I do advise each of you to change all of your passwords in the coming weeks the passwords related to Blogger, Google, G-mail, YouTube or any Google products since there is no way to tell what is going on without other media or Google launching an investigation into this matter. Be careful, please.

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