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27 February 2014

Like Losing A Friend Forever!

Like Losing A Friend

Okay, I think you might think this a bit odd. I am grieving the loss of a television station and yes, I know that is strange to a point, but understand this is not just any station this was and is NBC Bay Area news in San Jose / San Francisco California and I was able to watch shows on the west coast if I were to get home late. I don’t have any DVR or a way to record shows at this time.

Okay, sure we may miss shows no big deal right? Well, my grief comes from the fact that I depended on their news reports and it kept me up on what was going on in California.

They also have top of the line investigative reporting and were the first to break the news that a nation food carrier and shipper was storing frozen food unfrozen and many times not even refrigerated they often would break news that eventually went national and I was able to learn about it sometime weeks in advance!

Here is the link to their station.

I know you may say hey, Al, you can just go to their web site every day, you lost nothing, but the truth is most television stations only put on parts of their news reports so, I will miss a lot of great reporting. And yeah, I know it may be silly the truth is this station was a comfort for me from my other reasons to grieve.
You see I lost eight family members over the last two years and if I count the last six years that number climbs to at least twelve deaths and through it all I had my stations to comfort me.

Now, don’t get me wrong hearing of the deaths and bad news was no comfort. Sometimes I would get even more angry or stressed, but there was something that I could depend on.

I’m sure you relate to that some form of normalcy in our lives. Truth is I also liked having information about parts of California. I have always wanted to live there until recently, however, it still remains one of the places that I want to move to. Another thing is that I could watch shows like Law and Order SVU when I arrived home late. Also, I lost another show that I could depend on for some stress relief and it was like visiting with a friend yes.

I am speaking of the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Jay was and is a good man and what NBC did to him was very wrong. As for him being older and the ratings slipping I don’t think they were, but NBC’s action also speaks to the fact that they don’t care much for the older Americans demographic. I for one liked Jay Leno he had class and was fair to both political parties he picked on both of them!

And what about Jimmy Fallon? Well, I will say I just am not into his type of comedy as a result I don’t plan on watching it much if at all.  As for NBC, I only hope Jay Leno ends up on your network again or another one just as Conan O’ Brian did. NBC, you may have higher ratings for awhile however, one day soon CBS’s Letterman show or another late show will win out. You just can’t disregard the older American population.

As for me, Albert Torcaso, maybe why Jay Leno’s and NBC Bay area news being gone upsetting me I think it is that I miss all of my family members and now not having the television distractions really brings back to me how many people and animals who have passed and left my life it hurts! I know I will see them again one day still it hurts so bad!!!

On a positive note. I do have faith and know that I will see my family again.  I also will see and hear Jay Leno again when he tours my city one day soon, And yes, I will be going to NBC Bay Area News web site a few times a week to try catching up on what I missed.

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Albert Torcaso

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