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29 March 2014

Humanity Matters May Be Forced To Leave PCTV21!!!

Attention! All audiences there are issues going on at the station where I produce Humanity Matters Live and I may have to leave.

I want you to understand that the television show will go on in some form with or without me being able to film it at PCTV21.

I won't desert my audience or fellow producers, but I won't be disrespected in any way period! Never forget my friends, I have an audio podcast show that has over 452 episodes and I will be working on other avenues to produce my television show and gain an even greater audience. Stay tuned okay, gang.

Some may wonder if you were to lose or leave PCTV21 how would you keep producing your show and have the same number or greater number of viewers? Trust me, friends, I am working on that and no matter what I won't be pushed around period!!

If you love my PCTV21 show or any producers' show there then send us some support, even better let the station management and the city know about it. Oh heck, I'm rocking the boat and letting out the secret! Oh heck, no!

I am in this for what is good for the community, the producers and for what is good for me. Know this every producer pays a membership fee and other fees to produce our shows and we don't get paid a cent!

That's right we pay our money out to produce these programs to attempt to help others and now we are having a huge increase! Sound fair to you?

Oh, and for those who say don't speak of internal business or house business let me Clue You IN! It's our 100 to 250.00 dollars or more per year that we will now have to pay as well as other fees, so if I'm rocking your boat know this.

We help others and are part of the media and now our voices may be silenced I DON'T THINK SO Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania or the world! I tell the truth!

And by the way, this is one reason you should join my businesses I will learn what I need then the cash will come and I will fight for you legally & peacefully with every breath I have then one day soon we will have more income than anyone ever expected!


And I don't care who knows about what's going on behind the scenes I always fight for justice and always will GOT THAT!!

Fellow producers I am sorry if I spilled the beans, but my and all of our audiences as well as fellow Pittsburghers and viewers need to know what is going down!

By the way, this system is making money for many people it is called iPAS2 you need to look into it. This may well be one of the businesses that gain me enough income to afford ten years of PCTV21 memberships 250.00 per year ten years 2,500 dollars.

There are people on iPAS2 right now making that in a week!
I thinking this is a great podcast episode can we say Talk Shoe Dot Com Humanity Matters Live? I can!

Try the link and learn.

Albert Torcaso

The time to act for justice, fairness, and what is right is now, and we must not ever retreat in these duties.
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