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22 April 2014

A New True Milestone!

A New Milestone
A new true milestone has occurred here at Humanity Matters Dot Org.

Thank you, Thank You! 
As a result of loyal viewers such as you. Humanity Matters has reached past the 50,000 views mark once again! Now, in reality we are well past the 50,000 views mark and I believe one of the counters reflects that fact however, why this is exciting is because Google started counting views to my site about two years ago and it was at the zero mark when they started as it had to be at zero and since then we gained over 50,000 new views. In addition, you will notice my flags counter is well below 50,000 that's because I placed a new flag counter on after Google started their count as a result the flag counter is around 26,000 views behind.

Now, with many counters it can be confusing and I could take one or all of them off, but I like seeing how these counters work and having a different perspective from them.

Which is 100% correct? I would say my first counter is the most complete reading, but Google is in second place my Flag counter is in third, but all are correct in the numbers as much as they started from zero when they became active so in affect all are correct they are just from different times in the history of Humanity Matters Dot Org.

Why it matters to me and to each of you is it reflects that I am increasing my number of visitors. As such, this means that I am starting to learn a degree of SEO and I, in fact, increased my numbers by over forty thousand views in just two years! Why is this important to you? Remember,

I told you I am working on learning the skill sets of an internet marketer as well as an affiliate marketer. Well, to be successful you need traffic to your web site or blog then targeted traffic to your site and I am starting to achieve it.

Your part in this, it affects you in as much as once you join one or more of my teams you will also need to attract traffic to your offers and or sites to achieve sales of your products and to earn commissions and as such you seeing that I am increasing my knowledge in this skill means that I will be able to teach you what I have learned and that you may well surpass my achievements and as such each of us become much more successful as online income earners.

You are bearing witness to the fruits of knowledge achieving growth in results.

Now, I will send out a blog post once I reach 100,000 views here at Humanity Matters Dot Org That could take six months, a year or more. It will happen and once it does it will give you another 100,000 reasons to join my team.

The best reason to join me in any of these businesses is not the business it is because you are investing in God, me and yourself and I know we will succeed. This post shows you the determination that I have to succeed and the drive it takes to be successful.

I ask you to believe in a higher power and that God brought you to this site for a reason I hope that you will take the actions I ask of you for once you do your life will never be the same and there is a great chance that you will find more success than you ever dreamed of. Dare to dream and commit to make it a reality.

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The time to act for justice, fairness, and what is right is now, and we must not ever retreat in these duties.
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