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10 April 2014

Happy Birthday Dad ( Albert R. Goldsmith.) I Am Taking Massive Action In Your Memory.

Happy Birthday Dad
(Albert R. Goldsmith)
I Am Taking Massive Action In Your Memory.

I Am Taking Massive Action In Your Memory.
I demand of myself that I take action as I had good parents and my second father  
(Albert R. Goldsmith) believed in me more than just about any other person on this planet outside of my two sisters a few others.
My dad's birthday is April -10 and he would have been ninety nine years old today.

He was on this earth for about ninety three and a half years and in those years he taught at least six thousand people over the years. I believe many more than that in World War Two he served the United States in a government job that it helped us win the war against those who would kill hundreds of millions of people just because they were not of their nationality, religion, national decent, complexion or political ideology.

He lived his life helping people teaching so many people even the wife of a governor of the state of Pennsylvania. He taught people from around the corner to around the nation (United States Of America) to around the globe. He went to Harvard and the University of Pittsburgh and had at least two degrees one in history I believe.

He taught officially for at least thirty years in the Pittsburgh Public Schools system and he also took on the tasks of being a homebound teacher and attempting to teach the so called un-teachable students. Guess what he found ways to teach each and everyone as a result many other teachers followed his ways of teaching!

He later retired and went on to volunteer for so many years and at so many places that I can’t really recall. At the Vintage Senior Center he taught victims of Stroke, Dementias and Alzheimer’s once again teaching those who were said to not be teachable any longer in many cases. He was a member of so many boards of directors and organizations that one would not be able to list them without a list right in front of them.

He was even elected President of the Western Pennsylvania Black Historical Society by his fellow members.

During the riots of the sixties after King was gunned down by those who had hatred in their hearts he walked the areas where there were riots and never had one problem he would say I respect you if he were ever approached and never once had an issue.

He helped thirteen children, young adults become wiser and showed his love through being a foster father and he showed them they mattered and could achieve success.

There is so much more that I could add, but let me tell you what amazed me!
When he turned ninety years old he had eighteen different parties thrown for him and I’m guessing that at least a thousand people celebrated his birthday in fact he knew so many people and so many attended the parties that I who was one of his sons.

In affect became an afterthought at his parties. I was in the background learning from stories told that he never even shared with me or other family members it was really astounding to be honest!

Now, I hope you enjoyed learning about my second father and you may say Albert that’s great, but how does this apply to you or us? Indeed, you shall find out.

You see, when I first met Al I was a teenager that had gone through hell and frankly I had very little self confidence and in school I felt like a fool many times and truth be told I was beyond shy in some classes at school and even would hide my face in my arms or whatever way I could and never really uttered a word. Yeah, loudmouth me was a non speaker!

Over the many years with Al I finally bit up to a man of confidence for the most part and sure even today there’s that shy, silent kid. In fact, as a marketer as of today I feel unsure, weak, without knowledge and powerless.

And that is the exact reason you should join my team let me mentor and teach you. What? Yes, read on brothers and sisters, read on!

You see, with Al’s confidence I became strong and finally independent at which point I decided in 2004 to produce a talk show Humanity Matters now, Humanity Matters Live and took on the task of not only public speaking, but the ultimate public speaking on television and I became the confident person, journalist, personality that you see, hear and read about and read stories, watch television episodes or listen to podcasts from Humanity Matters Podcast now.

I started Humanity Matters Podcast on Talk Shoe Dot Com in 2007. Listen  here.
Again, entering into public speaking and once again having to produce and think of topics, issues, guests, and a number of behind the scenes tasks.

How does this help us? Simple: I went from a shy never talking, writing student teenager to a confident man who fears speaking to no one and who has made statements on live television that most would dare not say in private  and did I mention I am 100% self taught!

This shows you 100% proof that I can go from less than a novice to an expert in a field and that is where you come in! Remember, I said join my team. Well, you see I am going to become an expert internet marketer and I will start earning income online as I write this I am now reading another e-book that has over fifty ideas on how to use a blog to earn an income.

In addition, to that I am in Empower Network, using the iPAS2 system very soon and I am also a marketer of a healthy tasting, herbal organic coffee, tea, hot chocolate product line.

The fact is I am in the process of learning those skills and I am going to combine those skills with my skills as a talk show host, podcaster and blogger with this combination and the new expertise in marketing on or offline products, services and business opportunities. I am going to have access to an prices less amount of information that will change my life and in affect make me gain income. I can’t promise you a cent legally. I can assure you of this however, the more knowledge that you obtain in life the higher rates of income you will obtain that is not only a scientific fact the U.S. government has links to sites and departments that says as much and this is the reason people go to a university, trade school or other professional industries schools.

Now, I know that the internet has many scams and there are millions of home based businesses on or offline, but joining me is different because you know me and some of you watched me for eleven years on my television show.

Now, here’s the plan! I will keep working as hard as possible to learn all the skill sets and as I learn them I am going to start earning an income. I expect to earn my first income within three weeks. Yes, three weeks!
When I do as usual I will speak about it here and I hope that by the end of this day you will have signed up for the free e-mail list then consider joining my team.

Why wait another second on starting your future success?

In closing: I must be a bit hard core journalist here. Look, I will learn the skills to become a very well paid internet marketer, affiliate marketer, blogger and more the only question is are you going to be reading about this and still not on the team?

While I make 1,000 dollars or more a day will you still be dealing with a boss and making a hundred thousand dollars a year or less? If you will join, take action, learn and apply all of these skills do all that is required you may not make a penny. However, science tells us that if we take action in a certain way we will reap benefits.

Look, you read about my second father and yes, full disclosure. I was one of the thirteen foster children and lived with Albert R. Goldsmith for six months, but I was his son I called him every night I meowed to his cat, Ajartla. As a result, I can meow just like a cat and I even saved a few cats' lives like that because I could meow they trusted me and I took more than a few in over twenty four years.

I was as much a son as blood in fact, I was in the living room the night he passed away six years ago and trust me yes it still hurts even as I write these words.

So, be you finally trust me in this venture enough to sign up for this newsletter, subscribe to my blog and a number of things know this if I have one member who joins my team or a million.

I am going to obtain financial success and gain financial and time freedom and this will happen if one of you join me, one million join me or if I go it alone and succeed with another online venture such as Amazon. It matters not as I am going to reach that preverbal mountain with you my friends or without you, but I really want you there beside me or online with me and we can change lives together.


Join me on this magnificent journey! Here is the link to the first day of the rest of your life of success and freedom.

You can also read some of my Empower Network blogs and click on get paid or other links and end up on my team just be sure it says Al Torcaso is your sponsor.  I will never leave you hanging and it will never be about the money for me it’s about you and yes, it’s about us earning an income, more than that it’s about us creating freedom for ourselves as well as others so get in here and honor Albert and helping his son become even better than before.
Albert Torcaso

I offer you one more piece of evidence that I will prove that I shall become a super affiliate, Amazon affiliate, internet marketer and an online income earner.

I used to write post that were about a hundred words or less and I studied the Empower Network that advises post be at least 300 to 600 words or more. This post that you have read is the longest post that I have ever wrote and a year ago I would not have thought it possible. Once again proving all things are possible so I ask you to trust and then give the team Albert idea a go! This post is 1,8   words long. Believe and change lives including your own.

The time to act for justice, fairness, and what is right is now, and we must not ever retreat in these duties.
Albert Torcaso  Look to Humanity Matters for information that will improve your life.  a coffee product that creates wealth.  a place to learn marketing, earn an income while having a life.

Each member of Congress makes 174,000 dollars a year and has pays 503 dollars a year for health care while denying us access to the care we need.


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