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20 April 2014

Happy Easter! And Passover Be I A Little Late.

 Happy Easter And Passover. 

I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Easter and Passover even if I am a bit late on wishing a great passover to those in my family who celebrate passover. I am thankful to God and Jesus as well as the Lord God known by other names around the globe.

I know that around the globe there are many non-believers as well as those who believe that God has never been real, that God abandoned us or that God is dead or even those who believe that maybe God was killed off by other Gods from other universes and or dimensions. 

One may never know the truth or at least not until one passes into the afterlife or the next reality or dimension.

I can't answer for anyone other than myself I believe in God, Jesus and afterlife and Paradise also known as Heaven am I a fool? 
Do I believe in a fantasy? I don't know nor does any human on this planet. 

I do know that I would rather believe in a fantasy that there is an all loving being in our universe that God is real and though I have had many questions and have been angry at God for not stopping evil, massive deaths and cancer or a billion more things 
I still believe in God.

I don't get why things happen and do get mad, but I believe and love God and Jesus it's that simple. Again, I prefer to believe even if I don't understand why we suffer as for the Bible or any book that claims to be written by God I at this point in my life still don't believe it. 

As for churches, temples or any organized religious settings or masses I don't like saying it, but I never feel that connected to God. I try, but it's like something is MISSING!  
God seems to be missing there. I know that is strange!

I feel connected to God in my home or in my mind when I look at the stars or I am working with my computer or even when I am just relaxing. 
When I do what is considered a sin I do feel bad and many times ask for forgiveness.

I feel closer to God when I am in nature or even when I speak out loud to the Lord Thy God and I confess sometimes I speak to God in odd places or at strange times. Many times at church I find myself not able to sing or read the words because I find them to be divisive or seems to be hate filled and at that I often find myself silently praying to God even while others are praying and I will ask for forgiveness for not believing in those words, but say to God it's just that I see you as a much more loving God than is being preached to us. I will ask for forgiveness that I feel that way, but that I love God and his humanity too much to be divisive like that.

I can't help how I feel or believe and should I be punished for it I will still love Thy Lord God.

I know many may think I am odd, but again, I believe in God, I care not what name people call God by and I don't reject anyone who believes or does not believe. I know much of what I said differs from the Bible and other religious books, scribes or the like, but I believe in a God who loves and forgives us when we are jerks and even when we don't ask for forgiveness. I believe God loves us that much I mean God even asked Jesus to come and teach us his true ways. 
All that I know for certain is that I love God and hope that I am doing at least a little bit good with my time on earth in this current life form. I also believe that you can choose to be reincarnated or even have to be until you obtain your soul's true goals and meanings.


GOD loves and if asked for help I believe God gives it. Don't give up on God, please don't as God shall never give up on you.

It is because of my belief that God loves those who reject God that almost every human on earth that is a believer of God or in all religions I would be considered an outcast or odd, but would God ever really kill the children that was created by the Lord? Or would God forgive and maybe punish for a period, but for all time? That does not sound loving does it? I believe in God, in Jesus and in Love, will I burn in a flame eternally for believing that God loves all of us?

Maybe, but even then I would love God and be asking for forgiveness for whatever wrongs that I have done and if I had to ask forever I would.

I want to thank God for sending Jesus to end our sins that would have kept us from the Heavens. I want to thank God that I am alive once more to honor his son's resurrection and rebirth.

I want to thank God I am alive for I have lost many friends and family members as well as the world loses millions of lives each year. Be you alive this moment, this minute this day be grateful and use the day to make someone else smile or feel a bit better about their lives. 

I hope that if you are down and out that you will know that God and I love you and that your life matters to us. 
I can't speak for God, but I believe that you matter to God as well and I know for certain that you matter to me.

I also want to say I am sorry that in this point of my life that I am not an expert in many skill sets yet and that I am sorry that I have not been able to teach you how to make an online income yet. 

I will figure out the secrets and I will start earning that online income. At that point, I will send out some free tips and at that point I hope that you will honor me by joining one or more of my teams as we reach the goal of financial and time freedom.

Happy Easter and Passover the globe over!

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The time to act for justice, fairness, and what is right is now, and we must not ever retreat in these duties. 
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