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14 April 2014



I suspect those of you who have been frequent viewers of my blog know that I have for the last three months or so took off most every advertisement so why the huge resurfacing of advertisements especially the Amazon ads?

That is very simple reason I have access to great discounts and bargains with Amazon and as many as a thousand named brand companies and or services and as a matter of fact I will be joining more affiliate networks and companies as this will be one component of my emerging online portfolio of affiliate marketing, marketing education training and of course direct commission based products that I have access to.

I will also offer memberships to sites that I am a member of as well as products where once you own the product you are also going to be able to earn 100% of the product purchased by customers or subscribers. This means that there will be many types of income generation as well as online and or home based businesses as well as e-commerce. 

This will be limited here on my Humanity Matters Dot Org site although at times it may seem quite overwhelming or annoying it will offer you great discounts on services and or products that you already purchase online or offline. By purchasing them here you will receive additional discounts and or free trials of said services and products.

I want you to start looking to Humanity Matters as much more than an upfront tough talking site or blog. I want you to see it as a shopping and educational, training opportunity site as well.

Know as well that I am in the process of creating my e-commerce site as well. look for a link to that site as well as the many new sites that will be created as needed for whichever purpose they will service for example: An auto Parts affiliate site which will have products & services, reviews as well as other information related to the industry or service(s).

Humanity Matters Dot Org The parent site will still function as a catch all site and will continue to have so much content that is unexpected and diverse that you will not want to miss a post.

The very next post will address the Russia Ukraine matter and my thoughts about what the Russian government and their President has done to the Ukraine as well as the world.

For any of you who have visited in the eleven years wishing that I would stay focused on one field of interest or niche. I wish that I could grant that wish, but am a complex person as have much to say and do. I offer you this however, I will always offer you food for thought.
Sometimes I will seem very out there or controversial, other times I may seem like a salesperson or pitch person looking to sell soap. One thing, I promise I have many missions in life as such I will reach that mountain of financial and time freedom as I travel that path.

I will do all that I can to have you join me on the road to astounding success it is for this reason I will keep nagging at you to just try the sites, services, products or whatever need be. Make no mistake I am not doing this to gain your hard earned income!

Sure, some will require a small investment in products, services or training, but It is my integrity at stake here, so once you invest in anything you are investing in us, myself, and you. As such we shall learn and I believe although no person can promise you will earn a dime I believe you will obtain the knowledge to earn an online income once you receive the education and then use it, apply it to your new craft.

Now, will it take work? Yes, will there be a learning curve? Most likely, but what you need to understand is that every job or career takes training and being candid here it takes money to learn it then earn it.

Don't think so? College for four years can be a hundred thousand dollars or more and some cases more than a million dollars for the education such as law or medical school.

The education that you will need with any of my companies will be less than 15,000 dollars total and that's not a year that's with going all in! You will save hundreds, thousands or over a hundred thousand dollars and learn skills that last    a lifetime!

You can even learn and earn a living in a few of the opportunities for less than 600.00 dollars a year! Yes, one is as little as 25.00 a month. Now, once you learn and start earning then go further in the businesses and become financially free.

As for now, look, click and research each and every advtisement, service or link on this or any of my sites. Not one of them will cost you one single penny to learn more about it and there is a great chance that you will save many pennies or maybe even earn many, many pennies, dollars and a life changing income!

Click on the Amazon ads the Hotels Dot Com ads, heck, every ad it won't cost you a cent, but could save you so much money you will want to contact me with requests on some products or services that you love. Any questions or comments



Audience tune into this scorching post and be ready for a fired up outspoken Albert Torcaso who will be tactful, but hold nothing back!

The time to act for justice, fairness, and what is right is now, and we must not ever retreat in these duties.
Albert Torcaso Look to Humanity Matters for information that will improve your life. a coffee product that creates wealth. a place to learn marketing, earn an income while having a life.

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