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06 May 2014

A Cart Apart Or Something Much Worse? Discrimination?

Without 25 cents required and not chained.

No chains and no quarter required why?

Chained carts in lower income neighborhoods.

A Cart Apart Or Something Much Worse? Discrimination?

I have had friends on FaceBook seem to support the twenty five cents per cart policy. However, a closer look at the pictures above reveals a troubling fact there is discriminating among Bottom Dollar's store policy. Now, a journalist as well as a scientist must not factor in emotion and just review the facts if they are to remain objective as such this is what I intend to do. 

As to the fact that you do receive your twenty five cents back once the cart is returned there can be no discrimination this assumption would be incorrect once one factors in that in the upper income neighborhoods this policy is not in affect in the lots of the stores that have to carts free to move anywhere. 

I have seen carts left in the path of traffic in the parking lots which could cause damage to vehicles and may even cause accidents from inattentive shoppers / motorists.

There is more than a cart matter here. What is missing is why are the lower income communities forced to rent the carts while the upper income are not? And here are two more interesting notes to consider in one of the upper income stores where the carts are not locked and a deposit is required it just so happens two blocks away there is a lower income neighborhood. Why then is this not one of the stores that required the deposit?

Another fact in one of the neighborhoods that there is the twenty five cents deposit required there are many stores that have carts Giant Eagle, Target, Costco, Best Buy, Michael's, and more not one of those stores require deposits for their carts and there is no increase of cart thefts. In addition to that fact one should note that those stores are one block away from one of the Bottom Dollar's that make you pay for a cart. Again, we must ask why?

The implications and why this matters. I said this is discrimination well, here is why.
If you are trying to prevent shopping cart theft the policy should be system wide and it is not.
Aldi's another discount shopping chain has the twenty five cent rental system in place, the difference is that they have it for every store that I have ever visited it does not matter where you shop in their store system if you shop at Aldi's you need 25 cents to have a cart.

One must ask how did Bottom Dollar or their parent companies American division or managers arrive at this decision? Were there studies done? What were the conclusions? How were they arrived at? What were the factors? And if in fact the persons or company conducting this study arrived at the conclusions that there would be an increase of cart thefts if no locking device were placed on the carts How did they arrive at said conclusions? 

How do they explain that none of the other stores that are within a block to five blocks do have increased cart thefts? 

If it is to save on the cost of having to have employees go and return the carts to the store then why don't they do this at every single store?

These are the facts their policy at best is inconsistent at worst it is discrimination for if Giant Eagle, Target, Best Buy, Costco, Michael's, Office Depot, and many more stores have a non rental cart policy and they are a block away. How can the parent company or any of it's leaders justify this

Please contact the managment of Bottom Dollars or their customer service and tell them we won't accept cart discrimination.

Below I went to a few sites to provide you with ways to contact Bottom Dollar. I would ask that you ask to speak to or have the corporate address of   
Meg Ham who is the President of Bottom Dollar. I would ask you to take action today as we must not stand for such a subjective policy which only adds to the low morale often seen and felt in lower income neighborhoods already, we don't need another reason for people to be treated like second class citizens or to feel like second class citizens.

Remember, that humanity matters as such let all people act for equality, justice, fairness and what is human decency. We are better than that and must always take action to right wrongs. 

Bottom Dollar’s parent company is part of an international company Delhaize Group, a Belgian international food retailer and there is an American division.

Source of below information

You can always write us at:
Bottom Dollar Food
Attn: Customer Relations
P.O. Box 1330
Salisbury, NC 28145-1330

Bottom Dollar Food welcomes feedback from our customers. If you have a question, concern or comment, please call our 
Customer Relations Department toll-free at 1-866-685-1180. 

Delhaize America, one of the nation's largest grocery retailing companies, has more than 1,500 stores along the East Coast. Delhaize America companies include Bottom Dollar Food, Food Lion, Harveys, Hannaford Supermarkets, Reid's and Sweetbay Supermarket.

End of source information.

All other information has been written as well as
Having been researched by myself, Albert Torcaso

Look closely, there are carts with the quarter, but look again and notice the carts.
There are carts without the quarter and they are in and around the lot as well as other places. My friend is what the major problem here and why there will be a blog post on it, but let's say that this speaks of discrimination.

Why you say? Simple: Answer there are only carts that you need to pay 25 cents for at the lower income areas and not the upper income neighborhoods. What is the hidden message here that you're poor so you're a thief? 

And per your comments about most people won't take the cart because of the 25 cents I must tell you there are people who leave the carts in the lot and not worry about the 25 cents.

How can I say such things? I have witnessed it in person and I have also been to almost every one of their stores in this region.
As for Aldi's they have the 25 cents per cart at every store thereby having a set policy that treats all stores and neighborhoods equal thereby no discrimination per area.

If Bottom Dollar had such a policy I would not be at issue with it. Questions must be answered by Bottom Dollar regarding said policy. Why is there this discrepancy? What is it based on? Was there some risk assessment conducted? If so there are still questions and I can present those in the blog. I will add this response to my blog as well without adding your name unless you want that included?

Bottom Dollar’s parent company is part of an international company

The time to act for justice, fairness, and what is right is now, and we must not ever retreat in these duties.
Albert Torcaso

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