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13 May 2014

Even Bugs Matter! Crazy Right!

Even Bugs Matter! Crazy Right!

This may sound very crazy to you, but Even Bugs Matter to me. Yeah, I now find myself catching or finding ways to pick them up or make them crawl into a wonton soup bowl which is a clear plastic bowl that many Asian restaurants use for taking soups and other items. And I ask Annette to take them outside whenever I see any insects in the building.
I know it sounds odd being that insects cause damage, disease, and can bite, infect or sting! With all of that though, I am increasingly finding it hard to kill insects. I figure like this they deserve to live just as we do and who am I to end a life? I'm not God and it's not like that insect chose to be an insect they are just looking for a place to hide or a food source and I know it's odd, but I also started thinking how can I say all life matters then go around killing an insect or anything?

I'm looking at this as a much larger picture than just killing a bug, I'm real sick of KILLING! How many humans are murdered around the world each day, week, month, year and years? How many wars, violence and even those innocent girls in Nigeria, I just think the killing must stop and I can't yet stop anyone's actions, but I can stop mine! If letting an insect or two go free outside and live then so be it.
I also believe that the bugs would not enter a home or business if we were better at cleaning or storing food or whatever and to be honest I would not want to use poisons because what harm or long term harm might they do to ourselves, our families, our employees the environment? Is that insect or insects worth all that risk? 

Not to mention I know this is a wild thought, but what about our humanity? Our compassion how can we seek it or claim to have it if we are so ready to kill insects or animals wild or strays when they happen to enter into our homes, streets, cities, towns businesses. Can't we as humans find the compassion? Can't we find a solution to the problem that is humane? Must we kill? 

I say no to killing and no to the extinction of many wild animals habitat. The bears that come into the suburbs where once there was only woods should they be killed? The bears that go looking for food because someone fed them or left food out. Were you hungry would you not do the same if you were in their situation? 

Now, make no mistake I am not thrilled with bugs and don’t want any around me for many reasons it's just that I can see killing them more and more I'm feeling like who am I to play God? I don't have that right if I don't want the bugs I must be sure to be super clean or to find natural deterrents to the insects so that they will never enter at all then I will have no pests to worry about in the first place.
I have come full circle in a sense most of my life I saw bugs as pests and wondered why on earth were they here? I would seek them out anytime I saw one and bam! They were gone, then a few years ago on my television show I started to say remember that you and humanity and all forms of life really does matter and over time this has become much more true statement to me now when I see an insect I work to find a way to get them away from me and my family while still allowing them to live outside.
I even say and YEAH, I KNOW IT'S STRANGE! I say if you die I hope you go into the next dimension. The truth is I just don't want to kill anything not even a pesky fly! Strange, but you know there are a few religions around the globe that to at least some extent feel this same way and I am starting to get it. 
 Think of it this way if we will think about not killing even an insect and finding ways to save it's life while it not harming us then maybe the next step will be finding ways to save the lives of stray animals, then the world's wild animals and sea life.
Then at that point we will find the worldwide compassion to end all wars, dictatorships, terrorists, poverty and all evils.
Maybe the first step to world peace can be learning compassion for a dang BEE, WASP, FLY, SPIDER, or MOTH? Look, I offer this idea as a possible step to our spiritual evolution of love compassion and caring of all of God's creations. Is what I am doing all that crazy after all or is it another step in becoming more compassionate? 

The time to act for justice, fairness, and what is right is now, and we must not ever retreat in these duties.
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