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25 May 2014


This is a report about HP ending another sixteen thousand jobs in addition to over thirty three thousand jobs already.

This is why I want each of you to join me in my businesses, because even great jobs can stop at any moment and with a business that you OWN.
You can make enough money for the rest of your life and never be fired

Please read that article after you read mine and please start taking action so that you never join those who lost their jobs or that you might be able to never again be fired! This will be done by you creating a business or joining an established business or business opportunity in all cases you can insure that you are never unemployed or underpaid again.

Even if you join a multi level marketing and actually learn the system and start applying it you very well could earn a full time income or at least a part time income it will however, take you taking massive action and looking at any business model, opportunity, brick and mortar or online company or e - commerce as a business and taking it seriously. This could mean lifelong learning yes, lifelong education, it could mean business trips, meetings, webinars, seminars, training videos, books, audios and more.

Now, you may say who wants to do all of that? Who has the time? YOU DO! AND YOU WANT TO DO IT! Why? Because once you learn it you will most likely earn money and we’re talking about anywhere from thirty to a thousand or more a day!

You may say BIG DEAL! 30 dollars a day I make that at my job! Or you may say I make twice that a day! I even make four dollars a day! Great! Now, I really mean that, but the question is can you be sure you will have that job or career for as long as you like? Can you keep that job if you become disabled or sick? Do you have great benefits on health care or unlimited vacation time?

Answer no to even one of these and friends I have a DIRTY SECRET TO TELL YOU! Business owners have all of that and guess what say you own a business or you’re self employed. Did you know that you may be able to deduct your health insurance and your insurance cost?

Contact an estate planner who is a certified professional for the answers. I was listening to a program on  on Saturday May-24-2014.

I believe it is called the Money Lang hour or something to that affect I was a bit tired so may have the incorrect name. However, they spoke about deductions and health care. I gave full attention to that! It depends on what types of businesses or self employed, but in every case there are great deductions for business owners for many things.

Any of you as a business owner may be able to deduct expenses that you never knew were deductible before. The point? You can start a business or join an existing business or MLM and start learning a new skill set and once you start applying it hopefully you will earn at least a part time income then you would start to have five major things in your life.

Business knowledge.

A safety net financially.

Security for yourself and those you love.

Fun in learning, applying and earning an income.

Independence being about to do your work worldwide
(If business is internet based, e - commerce.)

I am sure that each of you can think of many more fantastic new things and freedoms that you would have if you joined or owned a business.


You will need to focus and get it done on your worst and tired or sad days! You will need to be strong, you will need advice, you will need help, you will need at least someone who supports. I offer you my support and I offer to help you as much as I can.

I really care about you and I PUT MY MONEY WHERE MY BIG AS_ MOUTH IS! Yeah, I really mean the stuff I say!

Proof my personal e-mail address is in the post once more!

Who do you know who gives out their e-mail address risking massive amounts of spam? You know me that's who.

If for any reason the link don't work or I take too long in resounding to concerns, help or questions. I want you to contact me by FaceBook. I will really do my best to help.


I am Not yelling at you, my friends. I am just trying to get you to see what you must see.

Now, just get yourself involved in some type of business and stop letting huge corporations downsize you or us like we are just pieces of a machine!

We are human beings and must be treated with respect and dignity

Not yelling at you my friends I am just trying to get you to see what you must see.

CEO Meg Whitman said she thinks everyone understands the turnaround we're in.
I don't know!  Why is she not being forced to take a massive pay cut? Or laid off or fired? It's always the employees that have to lose their jobs, their families have to suffer! WHY?

It's time we start our own businesses, my friends, it's time we end the hardships of unemployment and FINALLY IT'S TIME WE PUT THE CORPORATIONS OF THIS WORLD ON NOTICE! WE MATTER WE ARE NOT YOUR SERVANTS, SLAVES OR PLAY THINGS TO DISPOSE OF!


Join me or start your own business and gain FREEDOM! Let's start a legal, peaceful revolution!

Now, before you get all fired up go relax for this great weekend by having a camp out or cook out or just plain fun.

Come home and join Amazon Prime because for thirty days you will have access to 40,000 titles and that could even teach you how to own and run a business. They include Kindle titles for those of you who own Kindle products.

Yes, I have affiliates from corporations and yes, some of the corporations of this earth are good companies and yes, again I am also in business to earn an income as well as help people so with all of those missions I am giving all viewers access to great deals from Amazon and other businesses and I am open to working with you or anyone who is willing to work with me. I do have standards that one must meet. Amazon is a good company.

I am also a customer of Amazon and have never been cheated by them in any way this is why I say to you join them and give this Amazon Prime a chance. And as we learn about more ways to earn an income I do hope you will be on my team and getting income as well.

Please do the work apply what you learn and create a better life for yourself and all of your loved ones.

The time to act for justice, fairness, and what is right is now, and we must not ever retreat in these duties.
Albert Torcaso  Look to Humanity Matters for information that will improve your life.  a coffee product that creates wealth.

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