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22 May 2014

No Fake Post!

No Fake Post!
Hi, everyone, I know that I have not posted anything in about two weeks. I'm sorry for that, but please understand that I do get involved with other online and offline activities. These past two weeks were tough as I had two memorials to attend for loved ones who passed and I had appointments to attend to. This being the case, I did not really have much time to watch the news or see what I could offer insight on. And there is another reason I did not post anything as of late.

If I don't have something of merit or news or entertaining to report about I am not going to blog. Why? Because I don't do any fake blogging just to keep Google's bots looking at my sites or having you come to visit my site only to find a post about nothing and wasting your time. I won't do that!

You may say well is not this post a post about nothing and wasting my time? Not really because it informs you that I am the blogging type of person who wants real content for his viewers.

I want you to have real value. As such, I feel you need to understand that the times when there is not a blog post at least once a week it is because I don't feel like I have enough information or entertainment to offer you enough value at that moment the second that I have something to offer you or potentially financially improve your life you will see a post ASAP.
You see I care about you. I care about your time and won't waste it or lead you on. NO GAMES HERE! Real content all the time or no content at all!!!

Now, in less than ten hours I will be filming another episode of Humanity Matters Live this episode’s guest is Psychic Medium and Reiki Master Sara Sachs in Humanity Matters Live Sara Sachs Psychic Medium PT 2

I will be uploading that exciting episode within ten days of the taping of the episode. This episode will appear on this blog, FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube and other internet channels. Look for it by the second week of June. I may be able to upload it by the end of next week as always I will keep you updated with all Humanity Matters content, news and special projects.

Do me a favor, please get yourself a month of free movies, television episodes and more by joining Amazon Prime. I am telling you this is a great deal and you really need to try it out, trust me on this!

The time to act for justice, fairness, and what is right is now, and we must not ever retreat in these duties.
Albert Torcaso Look to Humanity Matters for information that will improve your life. a coffee product that creates wealth. a place to learn marketing, earn an income while having a life.

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