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21 June 2014

He Did Not Deserve To Die!

He Did Not Deserve To Die!

 Here is a link to the story of the cat saving the child!

Hey, everyone, you ever wanted to know does Albert really have emotions? Does he ever use profanity? Yes, I do and I am very upset about what happened to the child, but also what happened to the dog!

As for the cat I am proud of the cat and was a bit surprised, but not as amazed as the world was. Why? I have had many amazing cats in my life and I will talk about that in a future video deal?

Here's the thing though by now they killed that dog put him or her down for the attack! You’re saying great! No! Don't say that it's the owners’ fault for training the dog to be mean or vicious right so why kill the dog when it was doing what it thought it was supposed to do.
And another thing why did it have a way of getting loose or out of its yard or home? I blame the owners not the dog.

We need to relocate dogs that are mistreated or trained to harm or kill, but there is no reason to put them down. If you agree please start a petition to stop killing dangerous animals and just retrain and or relocate them.

We allow most murders to have life in prison with or without parole yet we kill animals what does that say about humanity? We are so VAIN to say we matter, but the heck with animals! Look, I’m upset the child was attacked, but the real villain here is the owner or owners and they should be charged or jailed for this!

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