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03 June 2014

Stop The Killings In America!


From gang and drug warfare to crazy massive killings all of this must STOP!

Gun control must become more forceful with more restrictions and the NRA must stop lying to Americans about losing gun rights. Stop being Non Realistic Americans

NRA! and it's time to make current gun laws enforceable if states, cities, towns and townships look the other way or won't enforce current laws then put those leaders IN JAIL! I have no issue with firearms and I, myself, would like to go target shooting.

I don't or won't do hunting, but I do like shooting at a range once in awhile.

Have not done it in twenty years, though. America can legally have guns. Stop the killings and be happy! Americans LEGALLY DEMAND CONGRESS PASS GUN LAWS! TELL NRA TO GROW UP!

Congressional switchboard
Call now lives depend on it!

One of the biggest problems is the HIPPA law. It won't allow friends or family to speak with health care professionals or to have their family members committed or forced treatment if they refuse help. I believe in civil liberties 100%, but I believe in the safety of society must be considered as well and we can no more take away the liberties of the mentally ill than we can take away any Americans’ rights.

But, if a person is sick they most likely do not realize that they indeed need help and once they receive the help and are being treated the chances are that they will be glad that they had the help and are now on the road to recovery. The mainstream media does no favors to the mentally ill they would have the public believe that all who are mentally ill pose a risk. In truth, most of the mentally ill are the segment of society who are victims of abuse, violence, discrimination and we need to not stereotype or stigmatize them. We need to help.

We should understand that people with mental illness work in every facet of society and even the great President Abraham Lincoln had depression and was considered to have mental illness.

Many famous people have revealed that they recovered from mental illness. So, we must not just try to lock them up! However, having said that understand there are times when one needs treatment for a few days or months or even lifelong and as such they may need a month or more to start receiving treatment.

Once on the road to recovery they can have outpatient treatments which may include medications or therapy. They will be safe to be around everyone. The real villains here are the HIPPA law, mental health industry and Congress's failure to change the HIPPA Law as well as passing common sense gun control and arresting anyone who looks the other way when a person buys a firearm illegally or when criminals use their connections with people in high places to get their firearms. Yes, I'm saying corrupt people and or so called legal authorities.

Share this and like it and call congress and petition if you love life, want peace and give a darn about yourself and us. Al

The time to act for justice, fairness, and what is right is now, and we must not ever retreat in these duties.
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