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14 July 2014



Please visit this article after your read my post and consider what actions you can do to help stop this and all useless wars and violence that consumes this earth with evil, hatred, death, pain and injuries. 

Study War No More!
I created this post to give my opinion on this Gaza Strip War and all wars for that matter. And I provided you with a link to an article that speaks about two women and how they must live in the Gaza Strip / Israel border they must fear being killed at any moment every day.

That is no way to live and it is not living. It caused me to make this nineteen minute video that if others will watch it, share it and take some of the actions I propose it could help our world and the seven billion people in it. Yes, I know this speaks of being impossible, but throughout history what was thought to be impossible is now routine and common place.

Will you please watch this video and get back to me on what you think of it. please message me and in the subject line write something like comments on the video.

I believe together we can change our lives as well as the lives of others.
Wars have been fought over land, religion, and even beauty. It’s time we stop the fighting, the hatred, the killing as we evolve to become a better people and one who helps one another have their essential needs met and no person on earth goes without food, water, shelter, clothing, medical care, preventative medicine and a safe place to live.

The conflicts in so many places around the globe are about God and how you worship God, or how you follow God’s Laws and so many have died in the name of God. That is by far the greatest BLASPHEMY TO GOD that can ever be done! God loves all seven billion plus human beings God, may be angry when we turn on our God, but I don’t believe God wants us to use the name of God to kill Jews, Muslims, Christians, Seeks, Buddhists, Hindu, or any religion or denomination of any religion.

God created the universe and every universe that humanity has not even realized exists yet. We are only beginning to understand some of our own universe and our planet.

I do not believe that God wants us to kill each other off out of hate or to use the name of God to do it. As far as humans know at this point in time the earth is the only planet that supports life as we know it do we want to end all life on earth through wars?

Yes, there may be one true way to be with God in paradise and we may be correct or we may fail.

I for one love all people even the people I have seemed to have given up on I still love them I am just disappointed or upset with actions they have said or done, but I must forgive, I must reconnect when possible and I believe all people from all backgrounds, nations and faiths must evolve to do the same.

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The time to act for justice, fairness, and what is right is now, and we must not ever retreat in these duties.
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