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31 July 2014



You know I’m all about love and not hate, but in this case I really do hate squeeze pages and I will explain why.

First: For those who don’t know a squeeze page is a marketing tool and or trick and the page traps you or attempts to trap you there. The page also asks if you really want to leave when you try closing it and it also usually has a small window come up in the middle asking you if you want to miss out on this great deal. You have to press ok or cancel and even after that some squeeze pages won’t let you leave! Sometimes you need to close down the browser with a force closing program or worse hard boot your computer.

See why I hate them now? They are most likely something you thought might be a good idea to look at or maybe you’re looking for a great home or online business or some social marketing tool to help your business in some form so you click on the link or links.

Then you decide I don’t want it or the price is insane! You attempt to leave and the trap springs! There is usually a window that pops up in the middle of your browser and even pops up blockers don’t stop them from popping up, the web designers of these pages found a way around it!

The window pops up in the middle with some implied warning or a seemly better offer or discount. Here lies the issue I have with these tactics they are high jacking yours or my browser and I feel that if their products are so super fantastic why then must they resort to these tactics and trap you there?

Sure some of the products may do as claimed or be as great and useful, but I feel these tactics take away credibility to whenever they are selling, promoting or writing about.

You should know that squeeze pages are similar to capture pages however, I have found capture pages to contain large amounts of advertisements and or information about the products. I have found that in general they do not trap the viewer they only ask for a name and e-mail address.

I don’t have a problem with capture pages since if I like or want the products and or services I see no issue with handing out an e-mail address as well as a name. I do however advise that you create an e-mail address that you would use for services and or offers that way you won’t have much to worry about any potential spam.

Having said all that I have about squeeze pages I am considering that I may someday use one, but with a TWIST! I will be one hundred percent certain that everyone who goes to that page receives a real product and or service that is really useful and I will give something of great value away to the viewer for their time. This is what should be done give something 100% free to those viewers. Now, even with my twist it is at least 90% unlikely that I will ever have a squeeze page because again, I feel it’s dirty tricks, unethical and borderline criminal.

If I want customers I will create great content and a great capture page again, remember those are informational and usually ask interested viewers to join an e-mail list for additional information and or free gifts. That I feel is within the bonds of ethics.

As for me today 31-July-2014 I ask you to join my blog as a subscriber and you can by simply placing your e-mail address in the app on the site. I won’t spam you I hate that junk! I ask you to join so that you will not miss any post.

As for my being a distributor affiliate of Motor Club America I have checked them out through governmental, non- governmental and many agencies. Their financials are solid, their customer complaints have been settled and they have good ratings across the spectrum. This is a great company to be a customer of and a distributor for.

As for triple AAA I was with them for twenty years and yes, I faced being stuck if I had one more reason for a service call, triple AAA allows four service calls period! After that you’re stuck even if you rejoin you would still be stuck because of their policies.

MCA Motor Club America allows unlimited service calls and the only con I have with them at this time of writing is that if you need fuel (Gasoline) you have to pay for it up to 8 dollars I believe.

Another triple AAA note I was with them long enough to know that years ago you had five service calls per year then around fifteen years ago they reduced that to four while increasing the cost of membership.

I do hope that you will consider looking at the video here.

The time to act for justice, fairness, and what is right is now, and we must not ever retreat in these duties.
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