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05 July 2014

Take Not Our Rights Away!

Take Not Our Rights Away!

I do believe it is time all Americans of legal age legally fight for their right to vote and make certain to vote in every election. It is time you see voting for what it is power and the control of the American society if you don't vote bad things happen.

You may say my vote don't count, but if you were as worried about voting as you are about your income or lack of income you would never miss one election cycle.

Yes, even the so called no important one. Remember, every law in every place in America is made by elected officials and adjudicated by judges some of which our elected others are appointed by politicians that we elect.

Do you want to be a voiceless powerless servant? And have no rights at work or as a woman, or just about anyone? Come on American brothers and sisters it's time to vote and vote out those who would pick profits over people, those who say you don't deserve to decide on your own health matters and those who would deny your rights to love.

Think voting does not matter? Ask those who have been grossly affected by bad laws and this so called Supreme Court. You love America? Make it much better VOTE! By the way I hope we have President Clinton Part 2. Under Clinton jobs were plenty, debt was down and America even had money in the bank remember those great old days!

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The time to act for justice, fairness, and what is right is now, and we must not ever retreat in these duties.
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