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21 August 2014

A Robin Williams Chat.

 A Robin Williams Chat.

Humanity Matters A Chat With The Cast

This episode spoke about the death of
Robin Williams in great detail and why he ended his life, his depression and possible causes. We focused on many aspects including possible side effects of medications he may have been taking for depression.

We spoke about the pharmaceutical industries pushing so many drugs on television commercials, internet, bill boards and other places. and how doctors prescribe medications for just about every American who sees any doctor in our nation. We spoke about treating the disease instead of the symptoms in a person has and even spoke about eating your way to health.

We mentioned Dr. James Winer and Alternative Health as a possible way to stay healthy.
Mentioned Dr. Oz and others who seem more interested in your health than just prescribing medicines to mask symptoms.

And how almost all AMERICANS ARE ON DRUGS!


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This Version Has Much Better Sound You Can Hear Us! I fixed the audio not the control room of the station I did it.

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