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06 August 2014

A World Of Spies! And Yes, Google And Blogger Is Spying On Us Every Day!

 A World Of Spies! And Yes, Google And Blogger Is Spying On Us Every Day!

Here are four links to the stories of surveillance it should anger you like nothing ever has, but anger without actions solves nothing.
We must act and act today and for the rest of our lives. How? Well, one thing all corporations, governments, stores or anyone needs from us is MONEY! 

We pay Google, FaceBook and every site we visit online how? Our data and the fact that we use their services allows them to earn revenue from companies, marketers and untold millions of data buyers therefore, if we stop our usage
(I KNOW HOW HARD THAT WOULD BE!) eventually they would lose money and business and could even go bankrupt! Why old data would become useless to those who buy it.

Your taste habits and needs change thereby no longer having the correct data to market to you it becomes useless. Yes, we may have to wait years, but is not your privacy worth the wait? Or do we live with it? I am not ready to abandon the internet and my blog posts because I feel accountable to you to write, entertain and inform as well as inspire all of you.

Will I ever leave the internet if it does not stop spying attacks? Yes, I am working on gaining a mainstream program on national television at that point I would have my staff take care of my online properties and I would stop going online for the most part in order to maintain my freedoms, my constitutional rights afforded to all Americans.

What is transpiring around the USA and the globe is an attack on all freedom and privacy. IT must be stopped!

What is said here is true, but we do have hope! Why? We, the people, can demand all this data be destroyed forever by all companies, governments and everyone. How can we do this and WIN? We must get this news out to as many people on earth as possible. Remember, even Google is POWERLESS without our using it! FaceBook goes bye, bye without it's users as for our governments. Protest legally

Call Congress 1-202-224-3121
Legally & Peacefully act and we shall be FREE!!


 And watch this as well.

The time to act for justice, fairness, and what is right is now, and we must not ever retreat in these duties.
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