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03 August 2014

Keeping The Promise Of America For All People.

 Keeping The Promise Of America For All People.

Keep The Promise Of America. This is all about our lives, and our dreams, please view and comment. 


Keep The Promise Of America
Let me open with these words. I love America as much as I love life, but the America I love best is the one that most of us have never lived or have seen and this video will speak of those in a way that shall stir the soul, cause it to lift with excitement and cry out THAT’S The America I know and LOVE, That’s the America people around the world left their native lands to come to America to live that dream.

Sadly that dream has left or was never here for far too many Americans.
Now, we know these facts to be true therefore, a video speaking about them would hold no value unless it had a solution or solutions.

My friends, at its core this video and all of my videos hold solutions to the issues I raise. Without them they are like the elegant words of leaders that never make those words whole by making them into deeds.
Here I will offer you the solution or solutions that will hold real promise not just for today or even for this lifetime, but the type of promise that can last generations.

You read this and think he is promising far too much. I say to you that you are the promise I am just creating the spark, the idea, the path to step in the right direction. You see, I love America so much that I can no longer allow myself or anyone to have never had or to lose hope in our great nation in our great world.

We must first come to the realization that many the world over only wish to extract labor and or sweat from you they care not about you only what you can bring them and help them maintain wealth or obtain even more wealth, yet they give nothing in return.

You can look at this by the fact that there is a company in my home city that made 9.3 billion dollars in just one year yet the employees make less than nine dollars an hour and have little to no benefits.
This company has been in business for over seventy years just figure out how much profits they made in that amount of time. It's staggering!

Let me say this however, there is no way to break free and succeed with a company like that if you work for them, you must break free by finding ways to save, invest money and start a business or join a business such as those I have spoken about over the years. Why? You will be the boss of you and no other person, you will earn additional income by working the new business and you will receive income based on output this can make you wealthy in the long run as well as help your descendants.

You need an example: I understand that! Look at Wal Mart Sam Walton started as a very small business and it grew to be one of the world's largest employers. Sam has passed on yet his family and those of generations to come will have income for their entire lives. Even if Wal Mart went bankrupt and never sold another item in the history of the world the Walton family would be wealthy for hundreds of years. Trust me, they have diversified, own stocks, bonds, other companies so again, they will always have income.

Now, go back to the start of Sam Walton's story he started a very small business kept investing, expanding and finding investors to become the super giant we know today. As did Giant Eagle, the point is build up a business, learn all that you can, but fear not the risk for if you do not take that risk you cannot build an amazing future such as the founders of these hugely successful corporations have.
Note: More than 1 million Wal Mart employees collect food stamps SNAP Medicaid, or medicare. Wal Mart is one of the wealthiest corporations on earth.

Trust, but verify. Look into what links I promote below and consider the prospects and confirm by research that their claims our true.

That store I spoke about before is Giant Eagle and they only operate in four states. These are facts from their own web site.

Founded in 1931, Giant Eagle is one of the 40 largest privately-held and family-operated companies in the USA.

Giant Eagle serves more than five million customers annually through nearly 400 retail locations in Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia and Maryland. Giant Eagle is based in Pittsburgh, PA.
Giant Eagle Corporate Facts

    One of the largest, privately owned and family-operated companies in the nation
    Ranked number 27 on Forbes magazine's list of the top U.S. private companies
    Annual sales of approximately $9.3 billion

Start your change today by learning new skills, study, apply them and BELIEVE!

Study every word of both this video and the one at. Contact me, my fellow Americans, and people around the globe.
Albert Torcaso
Start your change today by learning new skills, study, apply them and BELIEVE!

The time to act for justice, fairness, and what is right is now, and we must not ever retreat in these duties. 

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