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19 August 2014

Per Chance To Dream!

 Per Chance To Dream!

Per Chance To Dream!

I got something to say. I have been in a few businesses over the past three years. One was amazing, but did not work out. I just did not get it enough and to get all in was around 9,500. Yeah, it may be worth it, but I had no access to the funds that one needs.

Now, I am in a business where you can get all in for forty dollars a month! And even better the total real cost to make it in this business is hundreds, not thousands of dollars,

Here is one huge bonus! You don't have to spend a cent to start earning money! Yeah, you do need to message me here if you want a way to finally have more income, more free time, be able to help those you want to help. Yeah, you really can do this I have no doubt of that.

The leadership is real! That is something that many claim, but few really have. So contact me here and start a life that you never even dreamed you would have. I know you can do it, you know you need to do it so contact me and let's create an amazing outcome.

P.S. If you ignore this I will keep moving ahead the success will happen soon. I won't ever need to live pay check to pay check and you will be on the outside looking in and wondering could I really have done it and had the success Albert Torcaso has financially, freedom and happiness.

I can want for you the abundance, but I cannot make you come to me. This is the action each of you must take. Yes, even when I am on that mountain and you message me I will welcome you, but the time you waste today can never be returned so please contact me.

I know this seems like marketing and a pitch, but for fans of my Humanity Matters Live, Humanity Matters Podcast shows you know I call it like I see it so guess what this is real!

This is the bill of goods being sold. It's as real as the food you spend your money on in the Big Box stores like Wal Mart and Target!

I want you to have success beyond your dreams. I AM. Will you believe just once? Remember, you can even test run this company for free!

Believe and I will be there with you I give you my word and my bond.

This is our time for financial freedom and independence, this is our time for abundance to be able to see money for what it was meant to be a tool nothing more or less.
To the wealthy it is a tool, many of them misuse it true, never the less it is a tool.

Think what just a few additional dollars a month could mean to you and your family? An extra hundred, two hundred, one thousand or more. An extra 12,000 or more per year. Now, are you willing to work hard for that money, that tool? Are there other bonuses to being in a home based business? Sure, including tax deductions and even having the government in affect pay for your membership since it is a business expense it is a tax deduction as well.

Now, are you feeling the words of Shakespeare per chance to dream?

There is no great mystery to financial freedom and true freedom. It is the creation of success and of wealth you have all that you need SAVE ONE Aspect Faith in yourself. If you believe in God know that God believes in you, know that God wants you to have abundance in every aspect of your life. In today's world that also means you need money.

What you are being asked today is going to take courage to watch that video with the intent of learning about this amazing company that has been around for 88 years. It will take heart, soul, drive, dedication, leadership and the unwillingness to settle for living pay check to pay check ever again.

It will take you applying what we teach you, asking for help when needed and knowing we really depend on each other. It will take reading new books, taking time to learn new skills, meeting people and giving them hope through yourself and our team.

You see, once you start earning your abundance you must share your knowledge to help others to gain theirs.

I learned from one of our leaders to earn more you must give more. I am asking this of you as well as asking you to remember, me the guy who tells it like it is no matter what! Remember, my history of 672 YouTube videos and how I handed it to Presidents and members of Congress when they were out of line.

Forget Albert Torcaso the business owner and remember Albert Torcaso The talk show host.

What I speak about here is true and it is time for you to stand as tall as you have ever stood before, to watch that video and to start a brand new life and lifestyle. Yes, I know you have little funding and time it is that reason that I seek your attention so that the great changes will come to you. And one day soon you will be able to stop the time and money crunch, to stop the stress, to stop the collection agencies and as Abe Lincoln said have a new birth of freedom.

I believe in you, contact me now.

The time to act for justice, fairness, and what is right is now, and we must not ever retreat in these duties.
Albert Torcaso  Look to Humanity Matters for information that will improve your life.  A great service to be a customer of and a great way to earn an extra income to use as you wish. Maybe you want to help other people or animals? This could be the vehicle that lets you achieve it!  a coffee product that creates wealth.

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