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12 August 2014

Robin Williams, My Thoughts On His Death.

My Thoughts On The Death Of Robin Williams

There are blog posts that come to you out of nowhere and ones you never expected or wanted to write. This is one such post.

As the world has found out the wonderful person, comedian, actor and entertainer Robin Williams has apparently committed suicide. It is hard for me to explain how I feel about this.

I am angry about it he was such a funny man and had compassion on and off screen and I will miss him greatly. I first watched him on the television show, Mork and Mindy back when he was a new talent on TV. Over the years I have seen so many of his films including Patch Adams, Good Morning Vietnam, Night At The Museum films.
I watched his recent television show The Crazy Ones and so many much of his work.

It’s very hard to lose that type of person a funny, kind, caring person and honestly I’m angry he did this to himself and yes, I feel cheated as if he were a member of my family, that being said I forgive him hard as it is I understand he had mental illness as well as alcoholism and even though he was receiving help at least that’s what is being reported the depression became too great maybe it was lack of medicine or treatment or maybe even side effects of medicine who knows?

Maybe he just never felt the compassion or worthiness of self, maybe he felt alone even with his family or friends. I’m sure they would have helped or tried to help if asked, but that is what illness can do it can stop you from asking or reaching out, it can beat you down and as we see it can cause you to end your life.

Sure, I’m angry he killed himself, but I still love him spiritually and I forgive him. I will pray as I have already done so that he may be forgiven by the creator and bought into paradise and or heaven. He was in a confusing film once What Dreams May Come that seemed to say if I recall correctly that those who commit suicide are in some type of eternal torment of their own because they feel that can’t be forgiven. Well, Robin Williams Souls and Spirit I forgive you and pray that God will bring you into Heaven and that I may meet you in person someday in the future.

I know films, television and theater, is not real life and many who seem loving, caring and nice on screen or in the public eye are really mean in private. From all accounts you really were loving, caring and compassionate and I for one feel you are exactly what so many people should aspire to be you may have had problems of your own, but your love for people gave us all these years until your soul could take no more and we lost you in human form August 11 2014. It’s hard to believe.

I kept watching the news in disbelief, wishing as I could that somehow this was not true. I have not shed one tear yet, but trust me my heart and spirit is hurting. I do believe those tears will flow one day, but I will still remember you, my friend, and I know one day I will be able to meet your spirit in paradise. Yeah, millions or billions of people would say I am wrong, but I believe in a God and that God is filled with love, mercy and compassion. I believe your spirit / soul will be in paradise or is already. just remember, Robin, that even though you did not get the help you needed on earth you will be healed and happy in paradise.

To the soul and spirit of Robin Williams I love you, brother, God Bless you and one day we shall meet in paradise. Thanks for the joyous laughs, the wisdom, the tears and the compassion you brought to millions the globe over and who knows maybe other beings in the universe are mourning your passing. God Bless you I love you rest in peace and be happy, Robin.

Friends, please contact anyone you know who seems to be having a hard time of it and to the mainstream media let’s start having open dialogues about mental illness, alcoholism and other diseases of the mind, body and spirit.

Let not the world lose another loved one to illnesses that can be treated, let us not forget to love, honor, care for and hug each other when a person needs that hug as if their life depended on it that just might be the case.

You know in 1977 We lost Elvis Presley August 16, 1977) now, every August will be a bit harder to deal with than it already was.

Yes, I was and I still am a fan of Elvis Presley and I still miss him as well. I love both of your spirits Hey, Elvis Presley can you welcome Robin Williams with one of your hit songs? You guys were and always will be two of the good guys.

Your fan,
Albert Torcaso

 The time to act for justice, fairness, and what is right is now, and we must not ever retreat in these duties.
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