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24 September 2014

An Un-Expected Spirit.

An UN-Expected Spirit

Well, let me start off by telling you that on Tuesday September 23rd 2014 I had an appointment as a follow up to my surgery on September 11th 2014. I had an appointment at a local hospital UPMC Magee Women’s Hospital yes, they have specialists that see men there and do surgery on men there as well.

I was on my way up to see my doctor and waiting for the elevator as I stepped into the elevator. I look out and see a group of people waiting to board it or waiting on another one going down as mine was going up. Nothing strange there right?

WRONG! In the crowd is a man in a Civil War Union Soldiers Cap! I really did not notice anything else except the cap and a bit of the face! I do a double take wondering why on earth would anyone be dressed up like a Civil War Soldier and going to a hospital!!

Keep in mind security is tight there as this is a huge hospital for pregnant women giving birth so when I think about it this was even more strange!

Okay, so I see this man for I guess a second and I look back thinking maybe I imagined it well, in that second not only is the soldier not there, but no human or spiritual man was there!

Creepy and true! Now, I’m wondering what went on? I determined that I was going to investigate this further after my appointment. I had great results at my appointment I am thankful to the Lord God for that, Thank You Lord God.
After the appointment I went and asked information how old was the hospital? Turns out it’s a bit older than 100 years old the Civil War happened over 150 years ago so why would this spirit be at this hospital?

Then another thought was had the spirit followed me for some reason? I had a receipt that was missing appear in my van on Tuesday that should not have been there could that have been this spirit? Okay, who knows and the hospital lead to no real answers so on to the next investigative tool the Carnegie Library! Turns out there is a book titled Pittsburgh During The American Civil War 1860- 1865! I have not yet read this book, but it looks interesting.

I later found out there was a General Negley well aside from this book I did not receive enough information to solve this mystery then I called a friend!

Not just a friend, but one of Pittsburgh’s and the region’s best Psychics Sara Sachs she has appeared on Humanity Matters Live a few times and will again in November 2014.

I asked Sara can a non psychic have a spiritual encounter and she said yes then asked me where did I see this spirit? I told her and she explained during the American Civil War Pittsburgh had many soldiers in Oakland and around Pittsburgh.

Many were even mustered out through Pittsburgh as well as there were soldiers at Western Pennsylvania Hospital.

She believes that is why the spirit of the soldier was at the hospital! Makes sense as that land was an encampment at one time so for this spirit it’s home or if it is a residual haunting the spirit may be stuck in time or even not know he is passed away.

I have a feeling this spirit is fully aware of his surroundings as he looked like a live human intent on getting on the elevator. It’s the reason I first thought why is there a man dressed in Civil War Clothes?

How I feel about this? First I thought was I imagining it? I discounted that because I had not been thinking about ghosts, spirits or the Civil War. In truth, I was thinking am I going to get a good health report.

Then when I found out the hospital was not that old I thought that’s even more of a mystery as to why he was there. I decided I needed to find at least a plausible reason for this encounter and thanks to Sara Sachs she helped me to figure out a great reason.

I have to admit I feel blessed and honored to have seen the spirit of a Civil War Hero. I believe these men honored us more than we could ever repay them after all its directly due to the Civil war that Slavery officially ended yes, I know it’s still in America in many forms unofficially, that’s another post on another day.

The men of both sides of that war fought heroically though I fully disagree with the way the south wanted to keep other human beings as slaves for any reason it’s sickening.
As I said it’s an honor to have seen this spirit. I don’t know how or why I saw him nor do I know if anyone else had seen him. I do know that it was a shock to me and I think very cool!

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The time to act for justice, fairness, and what is right is now, and we must not ever retreat in these duties.
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