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28 September 2014

Now That Is Just Wrong!!

It is hard to believe but Michael Jordan makes more money from Nike commercials than the combined wages of all the Malaysian workers that actually MAKE the shoes.

Now That Is Just Wrong

It is hard to believe but Michael Jordan makes more money from Nike commercials than the combined wages of all the Malaysian workers that actually MAKE the shoes.

Now That's Just Wrong!

Well, no one can really blame Michael Jordan for that at least I don't think so it does however show a very disgusting fact of life in Malaysia that workers make so little wages and work in dangerous and deadly conditions in many cases.

This is just another example of what is wrong with corporations around the globe. Now to be sure there are accountable, great corporations around the world. However, there are far too many bad corporations and even entire national governments that place state and profits over their own citizens yes, once again profits over people.

Be protected while driving!

We can read this about Michael Jordan receiving more compensation for the commercials he stars in for Nike and be outraged as we should be, we can petition Nike to insure that every Malaysian worker is working in a safe environment and that they make a wage that allows them to live off of it and feed their families.

This means that Nike must insure that any company they employ to manufacture their products worldwide pays good wages and protects it’s employees.
This applies to all corporations, governments and business owners the world over.
When a famous person such as Michael Jordan’s agent, attorneys or managers can demand compensation that exceeds the entire workforce’s compensation we know that This Is Just Wrong!

No one person no matter who she or he may be is more important than the life of anyone else, yet clearly this seems to have been the case throughout human history.
We can delve as to why this has been the case as we can point out that even in my home nation The United States Of America many of the working conditions as it regards to pay exist here as well. We can realize that there is at least 6% unemployment in America. That most Americans not only live pay check to pay check (78%) but in fact make less than 65,000 dollars a year. And millions of Americans are in debt many for life. As well as many needing to hold two jobs or a couple needing to have two or more jobs just to live a slightly abundant life.

We also know if one takes the income reality test  = IRT and takes 50,000 as their annual income they in reality are 32,000 dollars in debt each year once all liabilities are included in the equation.

So, if corporations, governments and many business owners put profits over people as well as paying very low wages and even outsourcing jobs to many poorer nations of this earth what are the world’s workers and or population to do?

As stated earlier many actions that are peaceful can be done, however, one should consider leaving the traditional workplace since it holds little to no hope for a good retirement and most who retire are forced back into the workplace to survive financially!

Don’t believe in me? Look at the Wal Mart Greeters! Or other stores, fast food companies.
It’s time you consider owning a business of some kind and there are many to be sure even franchises like Burger King  McDonald’s, Starbucks of course owning them would earn you a great income however, you then could end up being one of those corporations that place profits over everything else.

And you would need lots of training maybe a degree in business as well as grants, investors and loans. Another as good or better option is to start up an online business or a home based business which has a track record of success, has mentors and training there are thousands or millions of them.

Judge them by their record, research their financial history, their complaints record and solutions they came up with to resolve the complaint.

I have been in more than a few home based and online businesses truth be told I am not thrilled with most of the training and do feel like I am all by myself in these businesses.

Want a confession? I am determined to learn these businesses and succeed 100% and I know that is exactly what I will do with or without any training, mentors or anything! Why? How?

Why? Because I am NEVER RETREATING, THROWING IN THE TOWEL OR GIVING UP! Another reason is I refuse to ever work a 9 to 5 job again except to use the money to finance my business or for extra cash for life’s unexpected expenses.

How? I am a member partner with Roadside911,Com a marketing arm of TVCMarketing which is the parent company of Motor Club America = MCA this company MCA is eighty eight years old and even been written about in national newspapers about their founder and other favorable articles. Like Triple AAA, Motor Club America provides roadside assistance and will tow your motorized vehicles when you need them for a service call.

That is where the similarities end! Triple AAA limits you to four service calls a year. We have unlimited service calls period! We tow you up to 100 miles if needed on all of our levels even the 19.99 level AAA only provides you 100 free miles at their highest level again, you can’t use AAA more than four times in a calendar year.

MCA Motor Club America protects you in ways you would never expect including attorneys for traffic violations as well as having many other benefits in total you have access to 150,000 dollars in benefits for as little as 19.95 a month.

I am a business partner of Roadside911 and MCA I am banking my financial future on MCA as well as other businesses in the future. MCA will always be one of the businesses I own in addition to others.

You may ask why have more than MCA if MCA is so wonderful? There is a simple answer to that diversification in case one company is not doing great or there arises an issue in any one company you as I will be in a great place to insure a steady stream of income as well as residual income.

Look, the world does many people wrong as evidenced by the fact that one man earns more money for commercials than the entire body of people who make the products. We must always stand tall, petition, boycott and take issue with injustice, however, we know the world of people who do wrong often never change or are forced to change and in the meantime we are the people who must change the way we think, live, earn a living and find our abundance and in due time we can become the forces of the greatchange!

It is unfortunate, but true that like the breath we take, the air we breathe we must have the tool known as money without it we suffer and must watch others suffer as well.

I ask you to consider all that I have written I further ask you to consider owning some type of business as well as considering becoming a customer of MCA at the 19.95 level then consider becoming a business partner of myself and my partners.

The time to act for justice, fairness, and what is right is now, and we must not ever retreat in these duties.
Albert Torcaso Look to Humanity Matters for information that will improve your life. A great service to be a customer of and a great way to earn an extra income to use as you wish. Maybe you want to help other people or animals? This could be the vehicle that lets you achieve it!

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