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02 October 2014


Close To Death

There will be a video added to this blog post in  four days please view it once more at that time

I have been too close to death too many times in my life it’s very traumatic to most people as it is to me, but it seems as if somehow I have been able to get through it rather fast and the strange thing is when people or pets around me or anyone die it seems as if I don’t grieve much. It bothers me that I am so used to trauma and death, but I can think of a few reasons that it may not bug me so much as it should. I believe in The Lord God, Heaven and an afterlife. I know that I will see all of my family members including my deceased pets again one day and to get real I know that there is no proof of any God or God like being however, I know that The Lord God Is Real!

I have gone through too much to not know the Lord God is real and you better believe I have gotten angry at The Lord God questioned I have even asked is The Lord God the evil entity being that The Lord God demands we obey and only worship The Lord God? I have contended that a being as powerful as The Lord God would not have all humanity be born in sin just because of the actions of two humans.

After all of this I hope that The Lord God understands me, is not angry with me because I believe that The Lord God is real and that all the religions and holy books on earth have only parts of what The Lord God has really said and wanted. I believe all regions on earth and the books do The Lord God a disservice and don’t even know one tenth of a million percent of the truth and love The Lord God has for all of humanity. I believe The Lord God’s love is so great that he has saved me countless times and I have dared to ask and write these words!
I may go to hell for what I have said, thought and believed, but should that happen once I do die I will still praise, pray and love The Lord God even if Satan were to burn me more in hell for continuing to love and praise The Lord God

The Lord God I love you and I will always love you even if I am a person of sin.

As for my close calls I have had so many that I work to enjoy and take in every second of life. I am working as well to create an abundance of all types including income for myself, family, friends and you!

This is the reason for the businesses I have joined, this is the reason I believe in  and why is important to all of us I urge you to watch the video there, become a customer then when three people you know want to be customers join us as a partner and work towards your financial life of abundance.

The time to act for justice, fairness, and what is right is now, and we must not ever retreat in these duties.
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