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19 October 2014

Why Kill Nature Why?

Why Kill Nature Why?
I am very upset right now as the next door neighbors decided to cut down their tree this tree was there for at least thirty or many more years and provided shade and oxygen to their yard and home as well as mine it was an evergreen tree beautiful and filled with life why did the new owners feel the need to cut down this great tree?

It was healthy full of life had it been dying I could understand that I would have still been saddened by it, but nature dies just as we do. This is different they just cut it down because for whatever reason they did not like it. Is it because it was a Christmas Pine Tree? Do they not want to be reminded of Christmas?

I have no idea. I do confess however, I wish the now deceased former owner’s spirit could come back and haunt the new owner for doing this do the new owners matter? Sure to someone and even to me, but I am PISSED OFF! We humans kill off nature and take from this planet as if we are the darn dictators of earth and we do see affects of our destruction we have climate change even if people want to claim otherwise.

We see bad weather where none used to be colder winters and even in places where it did not usually happen.

Some people get confused as to climate change affecting their cities and nations because they have colder winters they ask how can the earth have global warming? They forget or don’t know that jet streams and other weather patterns are affected by these changes as such we end up with polar vortexes and the like where they did not used to be. In other places it gets warmer than ever and each year the global temperatures rise if you don’t believe me, research it yourself.

This goes back to treating all nature, resources like oil, gas, and more like our slaves! We treat animals so bad that we kill them in very inhumane ways and eat them or wear them we treat all nature as if they or it is only for us.

WE MUST STOP THIS! There was no reason at all to take away that tree and though most of you will think me odd I hope the spirit of that tree makes it to paradise.

I bet there will be people saying nature, plants, trees and animals have no spirit how arrogant of humanity to believe in such a cruel way of thinking I know most books on religion claims only humans have spirits or souls, but it seems to me that The Lord God would loves all that was created by The Lord God and have a place in paradise for all. I for one believe animals as well as plants have a spirit maybe everyone and everything in the universe has a spirit that is radical thinking I suppose for some humans I for one believe it to be so. And yes I love The Lord God I also love nature and will grieve for the tree that graced my house since the day I moved in and even before then.

Life here will never be the same again it will be a bit less joyful to go outside now, less oxygen and almost no more shade.


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The time to act for justice, fairness, and what is right is now, and we must not ever retreat in these duties.
Albert Torcaso

Sometimes standing up for one makes you a leader of many.
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