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04 November 2014

A Finger Will Decide Death Or Life Today!

A Billion Reasons! Don't Risk Life And Death Watch This!!

Many people won't like what I say here, but most will agree with it and work to prevent it.

Look, I made my first two political ads why? For education and to have Pennsylvanians receive their fair share of benefits from the shall oil windfall and have our state's children receive an education that will ensure their future.

PA is the only state that does not tax the oil and gas drillers as a result more than a billion dollars have left the stat's education budget. Education is what causes America to succeed without it we will be downgraded to an all import nation which will put our great nation a risk in way that an enemy never succeeded before!

WE MUST LEGALLY & PEACEFULLY FIGHT BACK Vote For Tom Wolf in PA and For U.S. Senate Democrats as well as U.S House Democrats we must save America TODAY!

With one finger you can save a nation!!!

You really think I would go this far if lives were not at stake? People will die if Obamacare is ended!

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